Credit for well-planned animal rescue operation goes to many

By Audrey Morris, Director, South Coast Humane Society January 19, 2011 04:00 am

South Coast Humane Society wishes to express our appreciation to the Curry County Sheriff’s Department and Catherine Powers of Curry County Animal Control for allowing us to take part in the rescue at the East Benham Lane property. The complete ease with which our three agencies were able to work on this situation is a testament to the professionalism of the sheriff’s department, its officers, and Catherine.  This was a well-planned and executed operation that went without a hitch. The empathy and caring showed by the animal control officer, volunteers, and the police officers involved was admirable. 

This was by far the worst example of animal hoarding the humane society team has ever seen, and this is the type of situation that is very hard on all of those who are called to participate. Though it was a difficult thing to go onto the property and work this rescue because of the conditions in which the animals and humans were living, it is wonderful to know we can make such a huge difference in so many lives. 

I would also like to personally thank my team, Tanya Collins, Destiny Schwartz and Philip Smith for all their hard work while we were at the property, and their dedication to animals that brought them there to help. I also wish to thank Dr. Suzie for her hard work helping us get all the cats healthy. 

We also took the senior dog from the property. Bear is a sweetheart, and once we get him on his feet, he will be a great best friend for an adopter.

Thanks to the SCHS staff members and volunteers who have been working with open hearts to get all these guys cleaned up and back on their feet.

We are continuing to trap on the property, and hope to have all the cats out of there and to the shelter by Jan. 20.  Things are going well with the trapping, and I ask for everyone’s continued patience as we remove cats from the property. We have blocked the street with our truck more than once, and the kindness of everyone we have inconvenienced has been phenomenal.

Thank you all for your continued support.