Why ‘cheer’ for hospice? I’m glad you asked

By Pattie Slagle, Volunteer & Resource Coordinator January 19, 2011 04:00 am

Greetings Curry County.

Did you know that we are ranked in the top 15 in a national contest? Yep, Curry County – working together to support our local hospice program – is currently ranked 11th in the Readers Digest’s “We Hear You America” contest. But we can change that – we can move higher, and be in a position to win money that would help our friends, family and neighbors who are facing life limiting illnesses. But it will take more “cheering” daily at www.cheerforgoldbeach.com.

Those not living in Gold Beach are probably wondering what the connection is between “Cheer for Gold Beach,” Hospice, and you. I’m glad you asked.

The Hospice Market Place is housed in Gold Beach (it is the only place in the county that we could find a warehouse that had lots of parking for our sales) and since we were only allowed to use one zip code to register for the contest, it made sense to use Gold Beach. So, we are asking for cheers for the Hospice Market Place, not for the city of Gold Beach.

The Hospice Market Place helps to fund the hospice program which provides services countywide. Even though we are currently a department of Curry County, we do not receive any funding from the county and need to offset our expenses with donations and funds raised through the Hospice Market Place.

Besides helping cover cost for patient care, the funds raised from the Hospice Market Place also help with the cost of our Community Bereavement Program, Patient Care Volunteer Program and our Patient WISHES program. The funds raised come from you. It is your support that makes all this happen.

We want to be good stewards with your donations, so when we win money from this contest we will be replacing the storage containers we now rent with ones we’d own. This would save us almost $500 a month. That additional $500 a month would go a long way in helping provide that special touch to those we have the privilege of serving.

So, what do you say, can you go online to www.cheerforgoldbeach.com, and cheer daily for hospice? If you can’t, we have volunteers who are willing to cheer for you; just let us know if we can help with that.

Cheering will only take about a minute from your day, but that minute could make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Thanks for cheering; each cheer is appreciated!