Community helps phenomenal number of animals at SCHS shelter

By Audrey Morris, director, South Coast Humane Society January 12, 2011 04:00 am

South Coast Humane Society’s 2010 numbers have been compiled, and they reflect the love and generosity of the community towards the animals that share our neighborhoods. 

A phenomenal number of animals were helped by South Coast Humane Society this year, and I wanted to extend the warmest of thanks to those who helped it happen. A very big thank you goes out to the businesses and individuals in our area who have so generously donated to and sponsored our events. Special thanks also to everyone who has volunteered at the shelter and thrift store to ensure that we could continue offering the best care to the animals every day.

We broke records again this year in every aspect of our program. The shelter took in 370 surrendered, stray and orphaned animals in 2010.  We adopted out 377 animals.  Over 600 animals received services at our monthly low cost clinics, and 163 cats were spayed or neutered through our spay program. Our pet food bank gave away almost 7,000 pounds of food to cats and dogs in our community whose families had fallen on hard times. Almost 5,000 pounds of food was given to the feral cat colonies in the county.

Our thanks go out to both Dr. Tribble, and the veterinarians at Town and Country Animal Clinic for offering their support to the shelter.  A big hug and special appreciation to Dr. Suzie Schwarz, who as our shelter vet has helped so many animals that otherwise would have gone untreated. Dr. Suzie has been a godsend to our shelter and the community.

Overall, it has been a great year for our shelter. Going into the new year, we want to step up our community outreach even more. We hope to start summer educational programs for kindergarten through third grade, we will be doing mobile adoption events, we hope to begin a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for dogs through our local vets’ offices (lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope the grant goes through). We also continue our efforts to get the new thrift store built so we can better serve the needs of the shelter. Hopefully, in 2011, we will continue to break records on the total number of animals that South Coast Humane Society can shelter.

A special pat on the back to those who have come to the aid of the shelter in the last few weeks to help with our special need for the dogs to go out and be exercised.  People have come forward and helped in ways I could not have imagined. We have been taking bids for our new sound-proof barrier wall and are accepting donations towards this special fund. We hope to have the wall in place as quickly as possible. We want our dogs to enjoy the sunshine again!

I think I speak for everyone in the organization when I say that without the help of our donors and volunteers we would be a shell of what we are today. Thank you to everyone who so generously gives of their time and money and helps make South Coast Humane Society yours!   Thank you.