Hospice rises to seventh place in national contest

December 24, 2010 04:00 am

GOLD BEACH – The city of Gold Beach had received 25,299 “cheers” online by mid-afternoon Thursday, helping it climb to seventh place – nationwide – in the Internet contest in which Curry County Home Health & Hospice hopes to win money for its programs to assist county residents at the end of life.

Lori Kent, director of the Hospice, appeared before the city council earlier this month to promote the campaign sponsored by Reader’s Digest as a money-raising campaign for communities throughout the country. She wants everyone to “cheer” 10 times a day on the contest website to raise money for the hospice.

“Reader’s Digest is sponsoring this. They started the contest. They’ll give out about $5 million across the country,” Kent said.

She said when the hospice decided to enter the contest, they had to choose a town. Although they care for patients throughout the county, they chose Gold Beach because that’s where their rummage marketplace is located.

When she first appeared before the city council, she said, Gold Beach was in ninth place among the 440 communities entered. By Thursday, the town had moved two places higher, she said.

To cheer for Gold Beach, go online to www.CheerForGoldBeach.com, follow the directions for registering, then click on “Cheer.” Each person registered is allowed to cheer a maximum of 10 times a day, but all cheers can be made at once.

The site can also be reached at www.rd.com/wehearyouamerica.

Kent said the hospice pays rent for the warehouse they use, even though they get it at a fair price. And they rent storage buildings at the marketplace. She said they would like to buy their own storage containers.

There are a number of prizes, she said. First prize is $40,000, second, $25,000, and four others at $10,000 each.

“The top seven should be able to get some kind of prize,” Kent said.

Kent said one person who cheers will also get a prize – a $35,000 package including a new car and a trip around the country. Another 10 individuals will receive prizes of $500 each.

As of mid-afternoon Thursday, Gold Beach trailed Logansport, Ind., in sixth place with 33,150 cheers, and was ahead of No. 8, Albion, Mich., which had 23,608.

Grand Marais, Mich., led all the entered cities with 113,128 cheers.