Letters to the Editor published Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010

September 18, 2010 05:00 am

Why won’t DeFazio come to Curry?


I listened to Art Robinson and found his campaign ideas to be sensible and believable. The be questions remain: Why won’t Mr. DeFazio come to Curry County and defend his record and positions? Was he really busy and not able to attend a debate at that time? Couldn’t he have sent a representative to speak for him?

If Mr. DeFazio is proud of his record and accomplishments in Congress he should have broken a leg getting to a phone to schedule debates with Art Robinson in Curry and other district counties. Could it be that he finds it very hard to defend the unpopular runaway wasteful spending record of the Democratic Congress?

Is little ol’ Curry County not important to him?

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Lou Costa


Need a protected left turn lane


Once or twice a year, my family visits my cousin in Brookings. More than once I have caught myself “stopping short” as I attempted a left turn from Fifth Street onto southbound Chetco Avenue. Oncoming traffic has the right of way; Fifth Street does not have a protected left turn lane.

How about when a left turn is permitted that a flashing yellow or flashing yellow arrow be used to control the left turn lane?

This method is beginning to be used around the country more frequently.

Roger Jones

Fremont, Calif.

Itzen right choice for commissioner


We need commissioners at the county level who have led companies and know what it is like to meet a payroll. 

David Itzen has co-owned and operated several companies in Curry County that employed many people.  The lessons he learned in that process will stand him in good stead as our Curry County commissioner.

Please join me in voting for David Itzen for the position of Curry County commissioner and let’s get our county back on its feet!

Claudia Kemper


Missed the points in Rockey’s letter


I’ve waited a couple of weeks to comment on Mr. Rockey’s public forum (Sept. 4) about the Curry Sheriff's Department and the law levy, hoping that someone would address his central theme. Unfortunately, all respondents were involved in telling us how wonderful Sheriff Bishop is because of the wonderful things he does, or else assigning spurious motives to Mr. Rockey’s comments (and to avoid further ad hominem attacks, let me state here that I know none of the people mentioned).

Mr. Rockey made two significant points, the far lesser being that Sheriff Bishop does set a bad example by being overweight and that the department’s (hypothetical) obesity does present additional liability to the county (I’ve seen two co-workers carried off the grounds of Pelican Bay State Prison, dead of heart failure, due to their obesity in a peace officer’s job).

It’s unfortunate that the responders viewed this as a personal attack on Sheriff Bishop, rather than an objective observation and a possible area for improvement. Totally ignored is Mr. Rockey’s most important suggestion that perhaps, instead of the law levy, the duties of the sheriff's department could be contracted to the state police. I cannot say if this idea is feasible idea or not but it is one which has apparently been ignored by the commissioners. I do not recall any mention of this idea having been discussed being published in the Pilot and the earlier responders to Mr. Rockey have merely defended the status quo, not explored the option he suggested.

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Itzen has skills to help Curry County


County solutions in a troubled economy.

 David Itzen has the skills and experience that will be necessary for a county commissioner in these troubled economic times.  David is a financial conservative with 25 years of business experience in farming, housing and land development as well as experience as an educator.  As a businessman, David has the hands-on management and problem solving skills necessary for small business. As a board member, David has the hands-on team skills for both business and education.  As a board member and a businessman, David has problem solving and conservative budget skills that will be necessary to lead us through these troubled economic times.  Conservative county budget skills and business friendly experience will be needed in these troubled economic times to manage and grow county revenue, and of course, ensure jobs,  jobs,  jobs.

Curry County in this troubled economy needs the talents of David Itzen as county commissioner. Join us in electing David Itzen as Curry County commissioner.

Frank Hageman


Losing respect for President Obama


We are loosing all respect for someone the majority voted in office.

We use to have disagreements before elections, and then stand behind the person whom was elected. Now we don’t stand behind the person we voted into office. It is not Obama nor Mr. Obama it is PRESIDENT OBAMA.

We are letting some fringe groups destroy our United States and we should know more about the people involved. What are their agendas and where do they get all of the money to wage these campaigns?

Bette Mendola


DeFazio attends  real debates


As the Curry Coastal Pilot correctly pointed out in its Sept. 4 editorial “œRobinson pulls the old bait and switch,”€ Art Robinson has been staging campaign events that he falsely advertises as debates with Congressman Peter DeFazio even though he knows full well that DeFazio will not attend.

A letter to the editor by Larry Aslinger in the September 11 issue of the Pilot continued this charade by accusing Congressman DeFazio of skipping the Brookings-Harbor debate on Aug. 28 in favor of attending a parade in Eugene. Mr. Aslinger is correct that Congressman DeFazio was participating in the Eugene parade. However, Mr. Aslinger was wrong about the date of the Brookings-Harbor Robinson campaign event. The Robinson event in question took place on Aug. 31, not Aug. 28 as Mr. Aslinger asserts.

I might also point out that Congressman DeFazio debated Art Robinson on September 10 in Eugene in an event sponsored by the Eugene City Club. You can watch the video at http://bit.ly/cwBpa3. Three more official debates are scheduled: one on Sept. 20 sponsored by the Corvallis Gazette Times and two on Oct. 18 sponsored respectively by the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce and the Coos County League of Women Voters. These are real debates, not Art Robinson campaign events.

John Weiss


Don’t blame the sheriff’s department


After reading Mike Rockey’s Public Forum, I, as a retired law enforcement officer, am compelled to rebut the writer’s statements. 

My wife and I chose to move and live in Curry County 15 years ago. Our circumstances would allow us to live anywhere we wanted. We have not regretted that decision.  The headlines of those early days were of the chief of police herding a wild turkey off the Chetco River bridge and other amusing crime reports. How times have changed! 

My training and experience comes from being a deputy sheriff in Orange County, Calif., a well-funded agency.  Then moving to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and working up to an investigator position and being assigned in the area deep in the heart of the “marijuana triangle.”  Fast forward; I have spent 10 years with our local Crime Stoppers organization. From this vantage point I was able to see what Brookings Police Officer John Bishop was made of.  What I saw was a hard-working officer, who put many high profile criminals in prison, some for capital punishment or life.  When he chose to become sheriff of an under-funded agency I knew he would do a good job and that he could not please everyone.  John, keep up the good work!  There are many of us who support you. 

Don’t blame the sheriff's department for the funding shortfall.  Oops, I ran out of space. I’ll be back with thoughts on the district attorney and the law levy.

 Yours for law enforcement,

Phil Cox


David Itzen has

more experience


Another election and I’m again faced with the difficult task of having to choose between two county commissioner candidates, Lucie LaBonté and David Itzen, both of whom I respect and value as friends.

Ms. LaBonté is a resourceful and energetic campaigner. She has a long, long resume covering membership on a wide variety of boards and commissions. She has also previously served as a county commissioner. But one thing I don’t see in her resume are significant accomplishments or management experience where personal financial risk was involved. Mr. Itzen has a considerably shorter government service resume, having served with the Brookings-Harbor schools and the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative. But beyond that he has had more experience where he had to meet payrolls, manage employees and where his family, his employees and other people’s financial well-being depended directly on his decisions. Curry County has two options in the current dilemma. We can look to Salem and Washington, D.C., to continue the essentially welfare handouts we have been receiving or we can concentrate on developing our own resources which we manage and control. In the situation we are facing, I feel David Itzen’s background of personal financial responsibility and business management experience will serve us better. I urge you cast your vote accordingly.

Jim Collis


DeFazio has gone over to the dark side


This morning on the Sept. 16 edition of Fox News, (you know, the network that the left wing whackos and sissy boys don’t watch), our very own Congressman Peter DeFazio appeared. He was pushing Obama’s latest idea for another $50 billion stimulus package for infrastructure.  When it was pointed out that 70 percent of the money from the last multi-billion dollar stimulus for infrastructure improvement hasn’t been spent, he was without an answer. DeFazio claims to be independent, but votes with Nancy Pelosi 86 percent of the time just like he’s told to do.  I am a registered Independent and have voted for DeFazio in the past, but since he has gone over to the dark side I won’t again.  I’ll be voting for Dr. Art Robinson for Congress this time.

The local Democratic Party just like the National Democratic Party and labor unions have been taken over by the social progressives (just a new name for Communist/Marxist).  There are many in leadership positions within the National Republican Party that fit the same mold, and that’s why people are fleeing both parties to join the TEA Party of fiscal conservatives.

The TEA Party represents people that are fed up with big out of control government and taxes and environmental regulations that have driven our jobs and businesses overseas.  Both of the major political parties are responsible for this.

I have no use for Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly on Fox, but have great respect for Glenn Beck and John Stossel.  Beck doesn’t expect you to believe things just because he says so.  He gives you the resources to look it up yourself.  He is a fantastic government and history teacher and if you’re not watching him and are watching the “lamestream” media news, pull your head out of the darker part of your anatomy and watch Beck and learn the truth.

Ralph Martin


Where is county’s backup plan?


 A number of issues are being debated in letters to the Pilot and elsewhere.  But a recent letter by Phil Colozzi raised a huge issue that hadn’t been getting any attention at all.

In order to provide basic, mandated services, Curry County has been depending on the O&C payments it was receiving from Washington.  That funding is now going away. 

The proposed law enforcement levy, if passed, could correct that problem by supporting some expensive but essential services.  But some people see the proposed levy as unfair to cities that have their own police departments, and, besides, nobody votes directly for new taxes on themselves.

If (as is likely) the levy is defeated, I haven’t heard of any other plan in the works to enable Curry County to fund essential, mandated services.

What happens when a county can’t provide mandated services?  Would the State of Oregon simply dissolve the county and take over its functions? 

What would happen to property values and the standard of living in a “non-county”?

On the other hand, is there some plan that we haven’t seen yet to keep Curry County solvent?

I think this issue deserves some very active discussion and debate.

Wilbur Walkoe

Brookings 97415