Get everyone ready for school registration

August 14, 2010 05:00 am

In today’s edition of the Curry Coastal Pilot, you can find the annual Back-to-School newsletter of the Brookings-Harbor School District. As it has for many years, the newsletter is timed to help remind families that school registration sessions are next week.

School officials are scrambling to get ready for the new year, juggling their new ideas and excitement within the budget cuts that are this year’s reality.

One example: Through increased coordination between BHHS and Southwestern Oregon Community College, dozens more students can earn college credit in taking their high school class. There’s no real increased costs to the school district, and parents will find that it saves them hundreds of dollars in future college tuition.

Families can help by being ready for this week’s registration sessions, and making arrangements to be there. That means digging out immunization records, filling out any forms sent out to students over the summer, and writing down any questions they might have about the upcoming school year. 

Bring along your checkbook: There is also information in the newsletter about any special fees that might be due for the upcoming school year, including fees for athletics.

One bright spot: Your students may qualify for FREE school lunch (and breakfast) if you meet the income guidelines. School district officials have arranged it so you can fill out a single form for each family, instead of one per child.

 This is also the time to start talking to students about plans and expectations for the school year. Read through the rules now, not after the first cell phone or dress code infraction. Get school supplies before the first day of school, not sometime late in September. Transfer school holidays onto the family calendar now, and go online to print out the school bus schedule sometime before the first day of school.

All the preparation will help make that first day, and the rest of the school year, go a little bit easier.