Volunteer firefighters are critical to community

By The Curry Coastal Pilot February 10, 2010 09:21 am

The Brookings-Harbor area is known for its legion of volunteers and those who go beyond the call of duty – and that was proven last weekend when 29 volunteer firefighters graduated from a 6-week, 46-hour first-responder course (See story on Page 1A).

That means the next time someone in our community is in a desperate medical emergency and the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet, one of these qualified firefighters can do more than the basic CPR and first aid.

Sounds great to us!

We salute these unpaid volunteers who spent time out of their busy lives to get the extra training. And we salute Cal-Ore Life Flight for getting the grant and donating the equipment and instructor that made it possible.

All of our on-call volunteer firefighters jump out of bed in the middle of the night, or leave work at a moment’s notice, to respond to fires, accidents and other emergencies. They leave their families, race to the station to hop in the trucks and head off toward potentially dangerous situations.

Our volunteers go through the same state training as any paid, full-time firefighters – and train almost monthly to keep their skills.

Our communities are indeed fortunate to have these dedicated volunteers – and trained lifesavers – working to make a difference to those of us who live here. Without them, there would be an insufficient level of fire/rescue service in Curry County.

They are definitely role models for children and adults alike.

Thank you, first responders.