Police log published Wednesday, October 14, 2009

By The Curry Coastal Pilot October 14, 2009 08:58 am

Thursday, Oct. 8

Minor in possession of tobacco, 12:40 p.m.: 600 block of Pioneer Road.

Friday, Oct. 9

Lost property, 10:01 a.m.: 19100 block South Passley Road.

Traffic crash, no injury, 10:59 a.m.: 300 block Fifth Street.

Suspicious conditions, 1:18 p.m.: Harris Beach.

Traffic crash, no injury, 2:36 p.m.: 700 block Old County Road.

Fight, 3:20 p.m.: 96400 block Dawson Road.

Found property 4:01 p.m.: 1000 block Chetco Avenue.

Found property, 4:22 p.m.: Fifth Street.

Found property, 4:40 p.m.:  800 block Chetco Avenue.

Fight, 8:52 p.m.: 700 block Chetco Avenue.

Criminal mischief, 9:13 p.m.: 700 block Third Street.

Suspicious conditions, 11:20 p.m.: 400 block Oak Street.

Saturday, Oct. 10

Suspicious conditions, 1:58 a.m.: Police received a report of someone yelling for help. An elderly man was located who needed help getting into his house in the 400 block of Azalea Park Road.

Criminal mischief, 2:57 a.m.: A man complained that kids running down the street jumped on his girlfriend’s car in the 800 block Highland Avenue.

Driving complaint, 3:34 a.m.: Highway 101 northbound.

Fire, 5:43 a.m.: Harbor Fire Department responded to a previous controlled burn that rekindled on Woodriff Lane.

Driving complaint, 6:22 a.m.: Police received a report of someone squealing their tires at Oceanview Drive and Benham Lane.

Found property, 7:15 a.m.: A man found credit cards and other items, which didn’t belong to him, in his mailbox in the 97800 block Chilcote Lane.

Unauthorized vehicle, 8:55 a.m.: A car reported stolen on Azalea Park Road was found a short distance on Lundeen Lane.

Found property, 1:36 p.m.: A bag of bullets found on Fern Street was turned into the police.

Public assist, 2:17 p.m.: Brookings assistant fire chief checked the 400 block of Pine Street for the source of a reported obnoxious odor. He detected the odor, but could not locate the source.

Traffic crash, no injury, 2:29 p.m.: 500 block of Chetco Avenue.

Stalking, 3:59 p.m.: 200 block of Wharf Street.

Lost property, 3:36 p.m.: Lost debit card. Brookings.

Criminal mischief, 6:55 p.m.: Police received a report of three boys, about 12 years old, throwing something at passing cars at Chetco Avenue and Fifth Street.

Shots fired, 8:44 p.m.: Gun shots were heard near Mardon Court and Easy Street.

Unlawful entry motor vehicle, 10:57 p.m.: A man reported a chain saw stolen out of his pickup truck in the 600 block Hemlock Street, but the saw was later located in another vehicle.

Curfew violation, 11:29 p.m.: Wharf and Railroad streets.

Sunday, Oct. 11

Criminal mischief, 2:40 a.m.: Once again, someone moved the construction cones at the Constitution site, blocking off the northbound lanes of Chetco Avenue.

Public assist, 11:11 a.m.: A woman called saying that she felt that the Evergreen bears being displayed on Chetco Avenue were too close to the curb and thus posed a traffic hazard.

Found property, 11:47 a.m.: A California driver license was found on Sixth Street.

Criminal mischief, 2:53 p.m.: A woman complained of neighbors throwing trash over the fence into her yard in the 200 block Tanbark Road.

Harassment, 7:10 p.m.: 500 block Chetco Avenue.

Monday, Oct. 12

Theft, 6:25 a.m.: A 44-year-old woman was arrested for theft of jewelry from  resident in the 700 block Elk Drive.

Criminal mischief, 9:47 a.m.: A window was broken on the water tender truck sitting outside Brookings Fire Department.

Power outage, 10:27 a.m.: A resident in the 98400 block Conta Lane reported he was without power, but all other residents in the area had electricity.

Traffic crash, injury, 4:34 p.m.: A man reported his car was struck by a bicyclist in the 500 block of Fifth Street. The bicyclist seemed to have an injury to his hand, but did not choose to identify himself, nor did he want to wait around for law enforcement. 

Suspicious conditions, 5:29 p.m.: Police received multiple reports of a man going door to door on Del Norte Lane. Police located the man and found that he was selling magazines and he did have a city permit.

Criminal trespass, 8:09 p.m.: 300 block Fifth Street.

Suspicious conditions, 8:40 p.m.: 400 block Maple Street.