H1N1 Influenza – a time for concern, not alarm

By The Curry Coastal Pilot August 26, 2009 05:00 am

H1N1 Type A influenza – also known as Swine Flu – is back. In fact, it never went away. It just laid low for the summer.

Despite a red alert worldwide, and concerted efforts by respective governments and a host of non-governmental agencies, the potentially deadly flu virus is on the rise again.

Locally, Curry County health and public school officials are gearing up for battle – taking a “better safe than sorry” approach. (See our story on Page 1A.)

Whether H1N1 turns into a serious epidemic or never fulfills it initial global threat, county and school officials are correct in being on high alert. It’s better to attack the situation with vigor than to understate the risk.

Officials fear that, with the start of school next week, the rate of infection could explode. While there’s currently no vaccine available for this particular strain of flu, a dose of common sense is a good substitute.

Basic information is published in today’s Curry Coastal Pilot. The U.S. government’s www.pandemicflu.gov site is full of helpful information and advice. Use it.

While there’s not much Curry County residents can do to stop minimize the impact of H1N1 globally, we can  do our part to limit it’s impact locally.

It’s a time for caution and concern, but not alarm. And simply dismissing the flu, and it’s potential danger, as overblown is folly.

Common-sense should rule the day.