Opportunities to help Home Health and Hospice

By Pattie Slagle, Curry County Home Health and Hospice May 16, 2009 06:00 am
Many persons living in Curry County have either directly or indirectly benefited from the services provided by Curry County Home Health and Hospice over the 40-plus years that the agency has been in existence. 

And, on occasion, friends and family are seeking opportunities to “give back” but perhaps have been unable to find their niche.

Currently there are several openings on the advisory boards for both the Home Health and Hospice programs, and the agency is seeking interested applicants from throughout the county to serve in this capacity.

The Hospice Advisory Board is the volunteer professional policy-making committee of Curry County Hospice. It is to include a wide range of professional and lay persons from throughout the county including lay people, consumers, and members of private and public business.  Members are selected on the basis of their interest in local Hospice services and quality end-of-life care. Although no specialized skills are required, individuals with experience or knowledge in particular fields, such as health care professionals, business management, attorneys, nursing home representatives, marketing and public relations, banking and finance, or political expertise would be beneficial. Additionally, representation from the Brookings-Harbor area and Port Orford/Langlois areas are particularly needed.

Duties of the Hospice Advisory Board include approval and annual review of the Hospice’s policies, self-evaluation, and serving on sub-committees, which may include Fundraising, Education, Quality Assurance, and others. Members also advise the Governing Body (Board of Commissioners) regarding issues related to the Hospice program. Members provide increased awareness and advocacy about Hospice and Hospice services to the community. The group meets every other month for approximately two hours.

The Home Health Professional Advisory Board is the professional policy-making committee for the Curry County Home Health program. The membership includes one or more physicians, one or more registered nurses, and two or more consumer representatives, from throughout Curry County.   Currently, consumer representatives are needed, as well as representation from Brookings-Harbor and Port Orford-Langlois areas.

Duties of the Home Health Advisory Board include approval and oversight of the agency policies, program evaluation and quality improvement activities, advise the agency on professional issues and assist in maintaining liaison with other health care providers in the community. The group meets five times yearly for approximately one hour.

Additional information and applications are available by contacting Director Lori Kent or Administrative Assistant Rosie Hoxeng by calling (800) 535-9472.

There are numerous other ways that individuals may contribute to the services provided by Home Health and Hospice, whether it is volunteering in the office, assisting with fundraising, or a multitude of other areas that volunteers are utilized. Training for individuals who wish to work as a Patient Care Volunteer will be starting on May 21 and run for seven weeks in Gold Beach.

Additionally, the foundation “Friends of Home Health and Hospice,” which is a nonprofit organization developed to raise funds to assist the agency,  is accepting applications for additional members from the North County to join the organization. Betty Lonien may be contacted at (541) 412-8016.