March 07, 2003 11:00 pm

Pilot story and photos

by Susan Schell

Upper Chetco Elementary School celebrated Mardi Gras this week with face masks and glitter, bangles and beads.

The party began with the crowning of a king and queen for each of the four classrooms. The royal court was chosen by jellybeans. The male and female students from each class who found a jellybean in their cupcake was crowned for the day.

This year's kings were Garrett Parker, Chad Wadley, Matthew Coy and Kevin Green. The queens of the royal court were Reenie Fleek, Tarisa Long, Lisa Bernhard and Jessika Marrington.

The festival included live music from a three-man band from the Brookings-Harbor Christian Church who volunteered their time to add ambience to the occasion.

The gymnasium featured games such as ring toss, a basketball throw and, of course, plenty of tasty treats.

This will be the last year Mardi Gras will be celebrated in these halls – the school plans to close its doors for good at the end of the school year.