Ryan Sparks
Curry Coastal Pilot

Cedar Bend Golf Course administrators, greenskeepers and volunteers have been working tirelessly for the past two years to restore Gold Beach's lone golf course to it's former glory.

Their efforts were on full display this weekend as the course hosted the 17th Annual Stampede Fundraiser Tournament.

"(The tournament) was successful, without a doubt," said Cedar Bend clubhouse manager Shawna Webster. "Everyone had a great time and we had a great turnout. We had more players than we did last year so the tournament is growing to where it was before."

Attendance for the event was up 16 percent from last year's tournament, with 72 players participating.

Over $2,500 dollars in prizes were awarded to winners of closest to pin, long/accuracy drive contests and the gross/net scramble events.

Golfers stated the course played excellently and, other than some wind on Sunday, the weather cooperated nicely.

"The course is in fantastic condition and was fun to play on," said David Miller who has been golfing at Cedar Bend for 35 years. "The course just keeps getting better. The crew here has done a fantastic job. The greens are in fabulous shape and are better than they've ever been."

Justin Johnson states that the uniqueness of the course arrangement is also a big draw for golfers.

"It's a great course. It's got two holes on each green and it's totally different than any other set up you will see in the state," he said.

Approximately $7,700 was raised and will go towards further maintaining and improving the golf course as directors look to make additional improvements to the course throughout the year.


Team Scramble Gross: 1st place - Dewey Powers, Dewey Powers Jr., Alfonso Powers, Greg Harless, Jerry Pemfold (113 strokes). 2nd place - Jessica Young, Chris Clark, Tim Young, John Schweers, Scott Young (120). 3rd place - Tracy Couch, Jeff Fullerton, Shane Chamber, Les Kaye, Dan Hermann (121).

Team Scramble Net: 1st place - Clyde Gore, Rhonda Gore, Jeff Miles, John Miles, Judy Miles (78). 2nd place - Shawna Webster, M.J. Dykes, Di Gallagher, Judy Hulburt, Jon Gysbers (82). 3rd place - Lucas Vanderlip, Chad Vanderlip, Ryan Ringer, Brett Kemp, Justin Johnson (84).

Accuracy Drive (Hole 9): Saturday winners - Jerry Pemfold (men), Betty Atchley (women). Sunday winners - Dan Hermionne (men), Lisa Flatebo (women).

Long Drive (Hole 5): Saturday winners - Lucas Vanderlip (men), Judy Hulburt (women). Sununday winners - Dewey Powers Jr. (men). Judy Hulburt (women).

Closest to pin (All holed shots): Saturday's best - Greg Harless (Hole 5), Terris Blackwell (Hole 5), Bryan Little (Hole 18). Sunday's best - Tyler Wells (Hole 5), Dan Hermann(Hole 8).