Ryan Sparks
Curry Coastal Pilot

Barbara Glazebrook has been involved in the Brookings-Harbor recreational softball league since its beginning, and after more than 30 years of league history, she is overjoyed to see generations of players participating.

"Some of these players on the field I coached in Little League," said Glazebrook. "I was pregnant with my daughter when I took our first boy's all-star team to play in Medford. That was a long time ago."

Her daughter Kelly, along with her son Joey, played on a team representing the 101 Bar and Grill on Tuesday evening at Azalea Park as they faced a team from Vista Pub.

The score was 13-1 in favor of 101 that evening, but for the people involved in this league, it's less about wins and losses and more about friends, family and sport.

"Look around you," said 101's Paul Wittenmeier who has been playing in the league since moving to Brookings in 2004. "What do I enjoy about playing here? Look at this place. Look at where we get to play; in a cathedral of pine trees and beautiful weather. It's just awesome here."

Currently, seven teams compete in the co-ed league, which meets for games every Tuesday and Thursday night during the summer.

Glazebrook remembers the struggle it was in getting the softball fields constructed.

"It took us about five years to get established," she said. "The city manager back then came to me and asked if I was still looking for a place to play softball. He took me up here (Azalea Park). It was just nothing back then. We had contractors and volunteers that donated; we did it on our own."

Glazebrook admitsthat she has had more teams in past seasons, but that she's been around long enough to know that league participation is often cyclical.

"We used to have 14 men's teams and 12 women's teams but it seems to have gone down the last four years," she said. I think it will build back up, the same way Little League does."

Glazebrook is confident that is likely the case.