Ryan Sparks
Curry Coastal Pilot

Hunreds of enthusiastic runners from across the country descended upon Gold Beach this weekend as the second annual Wild Rogue Relay came to a close.

The race, which spans 200-plus miles across some of the toughest terrain Oregon has to offer, attracted running teams from places such as New York, New Mexico and Los Angeles.

Many of teams run several relay races thoroughout the year, but state that the Wild Rogue Relay offers something different.

"The variety of the terrain is pretty amazing," said Jon Bullock of Redmond and runs for team "Milk was a bad choice."

"To go from Jacksonville, up to Glendale, over the mountains and down to the coast; it's a really gorgeous track."

"I wanted to do a smaller boutique type race," said race director Jim Brendle of Central Point regarding the thought process behind designing the course. "Other runs are done in bigger cities on highways. This race, the runners can't believe the beauty.."

"The route and the terrain are tough but balance that with how beautiful the course is; this course is much more gorgeous than the other relays," said Molly Milligan of Los Angeles.

For many teams, running a relay race is a chance to spend time with friends and family at a campsite or in a team van, swapping stories and catching up. For Milligan and her cohorts on the "Give mom a magarita!" team, this relay holds a deeper meaning.

"We run to honor Martha," said Virginia Terry of Brooklyn, New York.

Martha Atwater, an Emmy-award winning television writer and avid runner, was killed in 2013 when an out-of-control vehicle jumped a curb and struck her as she exited a cafe in Brooklyn. The team honors Martha by running for her and states, "We are going to go have a margarita for Martha!" and that, "We haven't lost her, she is with us right now."

Relay results are as follows:

2014 Wild Rogue Relay Preliminary results: Dane Train 23:50; Just a Bunch of Fun Lovin Guys, 24:26; The Sole Team, 24:55; Run For Your Life, 25:35; Rogue Endurance Warriors, 27:49; Suffering Warriors Adapt, 28:35; We're the Bee's Knees, 29:29; Multiple Soregasms, 29:32; Salty Dogs, 29:35; NuScale Power, 29:41; Pounding Assfault, 30:01; Runners Gone Wild, 30:59; Toenails are for Sissies, 31:05; Awesomesauce Wild and Scenic, 31:30; Mint Valley Meerkats, 31:44; Sp?re Pa?ts, 31:59; Captains N Run, 32:05; The Rogue Roasters, 32:06; The Crabby Crew, 32:08; Ultra Narwahls, 32:16; Lithia 4 Kids, Fueling Futures, 32:18; Nissan Titans, 32:45; Going Rogue, 32:47; HOTR (Let's Do It), 32:49; Running Wild, 32:50; Humboldt Honeys, 32:55; JC Absconders, 32:56; Balls and Dolls, 32:59; MiXed NutZ, 33:00; Hot Beavs, 33:04; Suck it Up Princess, 33:07; CEOAS Road Runners, 33:12; Not So A Team, 33:16; Gone Coastal, 33:18; The Awkward Finish, 33:22; The Wellness Warriors, 33:38; Freaks and Geeks, 33:39; Not so Virgin Runners, 33:46; The Not so Rapids, 33:50; Give Mom a Margarita!, 33:55; Rachel, this is Not Kansas, 33:55; Oregon Community Credit Union, 34:00; Sofa King Fast, 34:10; Slaughter House 12, 34:14; Chapping Chafers, 34:24; Running is Our LIFO, 34:27; Milk Was a Bad Choice, 34:26; Two SORE Feet, 34:31; Team SUCIO, 34:39; Rogue Endurance Warriors, B Team!, 34:46; Mole Skin Maniacs, 35:01; Those Dirty Dingo's, 35:10; Feels Like the First Time, 35:14; Buck Wild, 35:19; Muckalucks 3.0, 35:31; Mother Chuggers!, 35:34; Band of Runners, 36:20; The Party Train, 37:20.

Ultra Teams: Going Coastal, 30:16; Kingsley Sore Eagles, 30:34.