Ryan Sparks
Curry Coastal Pilot

Athletes from Brookings-Harbor High School and Gold Beach High School competed against teams from Northern California at the annual BHHS Rotary Track and Field Invitational event this past Saturday.

This year's meet differed from years past in that only three teams in addition to BHHS were able to make the trip due to various reasons. Last year, 10 teams from the Southern Oregon Coast and Northern California competed in the prestigious event.

Fewer teams competing did little to dampen the action, as teams from Del Norte, Calif., Arcata, Calif., Gold Beach and Brookings-Harbor squared off in the search for personal records and team glory.

BHHS hurdler Shaine Graham, who won the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles, said he's looking forward to seeing how much he can improve.

"What I'm trying to do this year is stay as low over the hurdles as I can and getting as fast as I can with my steps in between (the hurdles)," said Graham after the race. "For most of the race I thought I did a good job of that and I'm looking forward to seeing how much better I can get throughout the season."

For many runners, the Rotary meet is their second of the season and provides an excellent opportunity to focus on beating their personal records and previous meets' times.

"My goal is PR," said Graham. "Just beat my record and keep my place in state."

Several athletes from BHHS and Gold Beach beat their personal records in the event. Lady Bruin thrower Clarice Baumbach set personal records in both the shot put and javelin while Bruin distance runner Chris Burton set PRs in both the 1500 and 3000-meter races.

For Gold Beach distance runner Kaitlin Armstrong, who broke personal records in each of her three races, an event as highly regarded as this takes on a different meaning.

"I'm competing with 4A runners and we're a 2A school," said the freshman after the 1500-meter race. "When you get to compete at these bigger meets it gives you more motivation. You are representing Gold Beach when you are out here and you want to do the best you can."

Armstrong also quipped that distance running can be hard on the body, even for an energetic young athlete.

"I feel like my legs are dead," she joked at the end of the final of her three races.

Del Norte swept the men's and women's team competitions on Saturday. They won the men's team overall, beating second-place BHHS, 156-points to 118. They beat Arcata, 154-105, to take the women's overall competition. BHHS came in third with 78-points.

The top results for BHHS and Gold Beach athletes are listed below.

Boy's Results

100-meters - David Joyce (BH), 11.73, 1st; Trent Bevan (BH), 12.23, 3rd; 200-meters - Gabe Brazelton (BH), 23.65, 1st; 400-meters - Gabe Brazelton (BH), 53.60, 1st; 800-meters - Cody Enos (BH), 2:12.91, 2nd; 1500-meters - Chris Burton (BH), 4:23.23, 4th; 3000-meters - Chris Burton (BH), 9:38.64, 3rd; 110-meter hurdles - Shaine Graham (BH), 16.24, 1st; 300-meter hurdles, Shaine Graham (BH), 42.62, 1st; 4x100-meter relay - Juan Cortez, Bevan, Brazelton, Joyce (BH), 44.86, 1st; Enos, Christian Hooper, Braden Chapman, Dustin Lea (BH), 47.33, 3rd; 4x400-meter relay - Brazelton, Graham, Cortez, Enos (BH), 3:43.44, 1st; Shot put - Lincoln Newdall (GB), 39'10.50, 1st; James Vermaak (BH), 38'04.00, 2nd; Discus - James Vermaak (BH), 121'03, 1st; Lincoln Newdall (GB), 114'08, 2nd; Javelin - Ronnie Manley (BH), 154'01, 1st; James Vermaak (BH), 142'04, 2nd, Shaine Graham (BH), 130'06, 4th; High jump - Ronnie Manley (BH), 5'08.00, 2nd; Triple jump - Christian Hooper (BH), 35'3.50, 3rd.

Girl's Results

100-meters - Jordyn Keys (BH), 14.23, 1st; 200-meters - Molly Joyce (BH), 28.69, 2nd; Jordyn Keys (BH), 29.49, 4th; 400-meters - Kyllie Johnson (BH), 1:06.83, 4th; 800-meters - Kaitlin Armstrong (GB), 2:42.71, 4th; 1500-meters - Kaitlin Armstrong (GB), 5:27.77, 4th; 100-meter hurdles - Jessie Good (BH), 19.38, 3rd; 4x100-meter relay - Jade Heredia, Colby Welch, Joyce, Keys (BH), 53.89, 2nd; 4x400-meter relay - Hanna Leonard, Johnson, Joyce, Heredia (BH), 4:45.83, 3rd; Shot put - Clarice Baumbach (BH), 28'04.00, 2nd; Discus - Samantha Hage (BH), 84'1, 3rd; Javelin - Kassi Lisenberry (GB), 83'00, 1st; Samantha Pletcher (BH), 72'00, 2nd; Clarice Baumbach (BH), 70'00, 3rd; High jump - Kyllie Johnson (BH), 4'06.00, 2nd; Long jump - Kyllie Johnson (BH), 14'06.25, 1st; Colby Welch (BH), 13'08.00, 4th; Triple jump - Abbey Schreiber (BH), 26'01.00, 2nd.