It was a thorough drubbing of the Myrtle Point Bobcats by the Brookings-Harbor High School Bruins on Tuesday night. Both the girls and boys teams won by margins so large the bench squads played the majority of the third and fourth quarter minutes.

Lady Bruins win 86-39

They put almost 100 points on the boards and most of the 86 points they did put up were the result of a dynamic full court pressure defense that is undeniably difficult to get around.

When asked if he thought that they would dominate the game Tuesday night, Head Coach Chris Schofield was adamant that he didn't think they would.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I'm always terrified, no matter who we're playing. They've got great size and position players at Myrtle Point. Really our only chance was setting tempo. We made them run with us."

Senior Francesca Farr led the Lady Bruins with 15 points, while Mallory McDonald, Courtney Bay and Drew Farmer each contributed 12 points to the victory.

The Lady Bruins' victory is the seventh straight in an undefeated pre-season so far.

The previous victories included two tournament title-game wins. One at the Yreka Invitational Tournament over cross border rivals Del Norte and one over host school Coquille in the Winter Lake Tournament.

In the Yreka Tournament final game, the Lady Bruins were behind headed into the fourth quarter and were able to make a defensive stand to come back and win 52-48.

"We told our girls at some point we were going to look back on the season and see that as a pivotal game for us," Schofield said. "That it was going to help define who we were. One way or the other, we were going to fight and get back in it or we weren't."

The Lady Bruins look to continue their winning ways on Friday night at 6 p.m. in the Brookings-Harbor Invitational tournament against Cascade Christian High School.

Bruins win 70-50

With the squeak of a rubber-soled shoe on hardwood and the whispered sigh of leather passing by a nylon net, the Brookings Harbor High School boys basketball team took a six-point lead on two back-to-back three point shots and never looked over their shoulders again as they defeated the Bobcats of Myrtle Point 70-50.

The game was close - 11-10 in the Bruins favor - when senior Dexter Vaughn made six of his 12 points on two 3-point shots in the first quarter and put the game permanently in the win column for the Bruins.

Vaughn's 12 handcuffed with Justin Murray's 19, Ronnie Manley's 13 and Calvin Watwood and Derek Hodge's nine each, gave the team its third straight victory and improved its record to 5-1.

Defensively the Bruins made a number of critical stops as the Bobcats tried to come back from sure defeat and Head Coach Buell Gonzales was pleased with the effort.

"I thought the kid's defensive effort was the best part of our night from start to finish," he said. "It was the best defensive effort we've had in a 32 minute period. It wasn't a complete effort but it was the best this season."

The Bruins are coming off a tournament victory over host-school Coquille in the Winter Lake Tournament over the weekend.

The Bruins' next game will be against Cascade Christian in the opening rounds of the Brookings Invitational Basketball tournament at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.