Monday marked the first legal day of practice for all OSAA member schools and the Brookings-Harbor High School winter sports teams kicked it off with practices in three different buildings on campus.

Boys basketball

The boys basketball team met in the Kalmiopsis Elementary School cafeteria for its first day of practice; running drills and working on defensive pressure.

"It was great, everyone was working hard," junior Christian Edwards said. "Coach is mainly focused on defense. I really like it."

According to Head Coach Buell Gonzalez, the first practice was great.

"They're typical varsity kids," he said. "They get it and they're ready to get going."


The Jayne P. Gibney center played host to the Bruins first wrestling practice and with Head Coach Bret Curtis directing practices, the wrestlers will have a lot of changes to look forward to.

"Wrestling practice is going to be hard," Curtis said during the Bruins' first meeting.

Girls basketball

The first day of practice found Head Coach Chris Schofield running defensive drills and setting a high bar right from the beginning.

"It feels great to be back on the court," freshman Siena Worthey said. "I love playing with these girls."

With more than 30 girls showing up for the first day of practice Head Coach Chris Schofield is hoping to have two junior varsity squads, in addition to the varsity group.

"When we went they went pretty good today," he said. "I was little worried we'd be perfect on day one, but that didn't happen so we have a little room to improve."

The first date teams can compete according to OSAA rules is Wednesday, Dec. 4, so look for game coverage beginning in Saturday, Dec. 7's edition of the Pilot and individual sport preview articles coming soon.