Three Brookings-Harbor High School athletic teams held their season-ending award banquets Tuesday night, honoring varsity letter, team award and Far West League All-League honors recipients.

The BHHS football, boys soccer and cross country teams each began their banquet at 6 p.m. to honor their athletes.

Bruins Football

Head Coach Eric Sullivan named 24 football players as varsity letter recipients, including: seniors - Trent Bevan, Denny Bench, Alex Boynton, Jesse Carson, Michael Duncan, Izak Ehlers, Tyler Marrington, Justin Murray, James Vermaak and Calvin Watwood; juniors - Brandon Chandler, Alec Darger, Pat Holmes, Christian Hooper, David Hull, Max Leavitt and Anthony Peterson; sophomores - Shaan Amin, Braden Brouillette, Alex Bevan, Aaron Iwema and Jordan Kings; freshmen - Nick Boynton and Noah James.

The team gave three team awards including Offensive Player: Justin Murray; Defensive Player: Calvin Watwood; Special Teams Player: Michael Duncan.

The Far West League All League team awards were given to Christian Hooper for Second Team All League; and Izak Ehlers, Trent Bevan, Justin Murray, Alec Darger and Brandon Chandler for Honorable Mention All League.

"We may not have won in the traditional sense," Sullivan said, "but there were a lot of victories and stuff we took forward this year. I really think the kids accomplished the things they wanted to this year."

Bruins Boys Soccer

Sixteen BHHS boys soccer players were awarded varsity letters on Tuesday night, including: Alex Anaya, Fernando Lira, Dillon Serna, Sean Colbert, Jay Sharp, Chris Barnett, Carlos Lira, David Joyce, David Daniels, Wyatt Aldrich, Derek Hodge, Christian Rushton, Jake Vaughn, Tim Sullivan, Riley Frazier and Nels Johnson.

Far West Team All League selections were robust for the 2013 season and included as First Team All League award winners, Johnson, Sullivan and Anaya. Second Team All League awards went to Carlos Lira, Villa and Joyce, while Honorable Mention awards were given to Daniels, Aldrich and Hodge.

While Head Coach Gabe Anaya may have been overlooked for the Far West League Coach of the Year award, his team honored him with a poster that named him Coach of the Century.

"Overall, it was a good year," Anaya said. "I'm very happy with the way they played the year. They played very good soccer."

Bruins Cross Country

BHHS boys and girls cross country Head Coach Terry Axel awarded 16 varsity letter awards to those on the teams who had scored 10or more points on the season.

Chris Burton, Brandon Smalley, Shaine Graham, Cody Enos, Conrad Dethlefsen, Hunter Niedens, Scotty Hedenskog, Braden Chapman and Chris Beaman were awarded letters for the boys side, while Mallory Darger, Deborah Lawrence, Kylie Johnson, Jessie Good, Addi Fitzgerald, Molly Joyce, Mikkaela Lea and Clarice Baumbach were awarded on the girls side.

Axel also gave team awards including two Golden Bucket Awards to Seamus Fitzgerald and Clarice Baumbach (four times in one season) for puking during a race.

"It's not a joke award to me," Axel explained. It's impressive that someone would run so hard that they would puke. It's a badge of honor."

Most Valuable Award: boys, Chris Burton; girls, Deborah Lawrence.

Most Inspirational Award: boys, Scotty Hedenskog; girls, Jessie Good.

Most Improved Award: boys, Brandon Smalley; girls, Clarice Baumbach.

Rookie of the Year Award: boys, Braden Chapman; girls, Kylie Johnson.

Sophomore Chris Burton was the only Bruin on the cross country team to make the All-League squad and made First Team All League by taking fifth at the district meet and qualifying for state.