It wasn't the race he wanted to run but for sophomore Chris Burton it was the race he ran.

"I was disappointed with how I placed but I did push myself pretty hard," Burton said. "I felt like I was declining from my peak, but it was mostly due to how I ran in the beginning."

Burton was instructed to begin slow and felt like having to weave around runners to advance in the race may have hindered his final placement.

Burton finished first among all sophomores and turned in a time of 17:06.

"The pressure and hype of making state was worse than actually being there," Burton said. "I was extremely confident that I would finish as first sophomore. I didn't even think about it until the race was over."

Burton is positive and is already beginning to think about next season.

"I'll keep training," he said. "Do some sprint work, resistance training on the beach, maybe run in the water to make my legs stronger.

"I wish I could have finished better, but overall it was a good season for me."