Almost every Hollywood sports movie details how teams overcame adversity to win a championship ("Hoosiers"), or broke racial barriers ("Remember the Titans"), or put aside personal lives to help a country in need ("Invictus," "A League of Their Own"), but not many detail what we can learn from loss.

Unfortunately for us, the Hollywood formula for great movies lie in the random beginning, overdone climax and a happy ending.

The great cinematic complex seems to think that no one wants to spend $20 and two hours watching - and sometimes emotionally investing - in a team that is going to lose in the end.

So we get movies like "Miracle," "The Karate Kid," "The Greatest Game Ever Played" and any "Rocky" movie but the first.

Only when history can't be rewritten - "Coach Carter" and "Money Ball" - or the main character learns more by losing - "Rocky" and "A League of Their Own" - do we get a chance to learn anything from losing.

It's not likely that any team from Brookings-Harbor High School will ever have a movie made about them, their season or their championships, but regardless, I've learned something from those with losing seasons this year.

I've seen a lot of Bruins' contests. From the golf and basketball teams winning state titles to the football and volleyball teams having winless seasons, I've seen it all.

This season, the football team went winless, but even after they got demolished there was something in the player's demeanors, their faces and their actions.

They weren't happy with losing and it certainly wasn't the preferred outcome, but they seemed to understand there was more to this year's schedule than just the win/loss record.

They never rolled over for their opponents. Right until the clock screamed 'it's over' they kept fighting.

The same could be said for this year's volleyball team which won just one game this season. They never gave up.

I've learned, from these BHHS teams, a lot on how to never give up on something that matters: Honor, Pride and Respect.