It's not very often that a team can end its season on a perfect note (in fact, it's rarer than a month with no full moon) but at Brookings-Harbor High School it has happened before - just never for the soccer program.

Writing this on a Tuesday before the game actually happens and not being able to adjust it before it goes to print, we're going to suppose for the sake of the argument that the Bruins' boys soccer team defeats Marshfield high school. We're going to suppose for the moment that they end their regular season with a record of 14-0.

Now, the boys team has had seasons without any losses, but never a season without any ties, so this will be the first perfect regular season they have ever had.

So what do they do with that?

The last time a perfect season was held by a BHHS team was in 2009 when the boys basketball team took a perfect record to the state tournament, defeated Central High School in the finals and ended the season with a 28-0 record.

In the Bruins' soccer world, the last time a perfect season was earned was in 2006 when the girls soccer team went 14-0 in the regular season and then lost 1-2 in its first playoff game to Caitlin Gable High School.

I think this season's boys soccer team is more like the 2009 state champion basketball players: They've been challenged during the regular season and they've challenged themselves to be the best soccer players they can be.

I am asked all the time if this team is actually good or if they are just the product of a weak league.

I would have to say that, while the Far West League is perennially weak in both boys and girls soccer, this team is truly good. Watching them handle, pass and shoot the ball - both in practice and in games - shows that they have the skills they need to make it to the state finals and possibly bring home some hardware.

If I were their coach, I'd tell them one thing - your body has been training for this all season long. The only weak link in the chain is you thinking you don't deserve it. Don't let your brain get in the way of your victory.