Two minutes and 15 seconds into the game and three touchdowns had already been scored as the Brookings-Harbor High School football team lost 6-59 to the Bulldogs of North Bend on Friday.

The Bulldogs started the scoring madness with a single-play drive to go up by seven, just 1:42 into the game.

The Bruins, not to be outdone took a short kickoff and ran it back for an answering touchdown with less than 15 seconds coming off the clock.

From that point on it was an all-Bulldog, all-the-time score fest. By the time the first half was over, the Bruins were losing 6-59 and the Bandon Rule - where the clock runs when the score difference is greater than 45 points - was put into effect for the remainder of the game.

Missing six starters to injury hampered the Bruins efforts in the loss and multiple turnovers early in the game for touchdowns didn't help the teams' cause.

The Bruins will travel to South Umpqua for their final game of the season on Friday.

Special thanks to Kevin Bane and the crew at Kury radio for making this coverage possible.