According to Head Coach Eric Sullivan's post-game speech, the Brookings-Harbor High School football team had moments of brilliance and now they just need to put them all together in a unified effort.

These words, after the Bruins lost Friday night's football game 13-43 to the Trojans of Douglas, rang true for most of the players.

"We tried hard," junior Christian Hooper said. "We did the best we could. Now we come back hard in practice next week."

Two of the brilliant moments were plays that led to Bruins' touchdowns.

The Bruins' first touchdown came on a pass play from quarterback Izak Ehlers to tight end Calvin Watwood. The ball was placed just above the head of the Trojans defender and Watwood made a leaping grab to bring the ball in for six points. The Bruins failed to convert the 2-point play but were in the game with a score of 6-24.

With 5:21 remaining in the fourth quarter another pass from Ehlers - this one to wide receiver Justin Murray - was caught in traffic and set up the Bruins for a 10-yard run by Trent Bevan for the Bruins second touchdown of the game. Shaan Amin converted the extra point for the Bruins.

The Bruins' defense struggled to contain the Trojans quarterback who had the ability to scramble for yardage - including a touchdown in the fourth quarter - when his pass plays were broken up due to solid Bruins coverage.

"We knew that was going to happen," senior Trent Bevan said. "We knew he was the only athlete on the field for them and a couple of mistakes just changed the momentum of the game."

Despite the adversity, the Bruins continue to stick together, according to Bevan.

"We all know we're taking steps forward," he said. "Regardless of our record I wouldn't pick another team to play with. I truly, truly love this team and everything we're doing."

The Bruins travel to Pleasant Hill to take on the OSAA 3A Clatskanie Tigers on Saturday.