There is nothing like the feeling that comes when you get something right that you've gotten wrong for so long.

For instance, when you've been playing a game like horseshoes or disc golf and the release has to be just right to get your disc or shoe to fly true and land just right, you know the minute you've got it.

Of course, it takes time to get it right every time but, with practice, it comes more frequently and soon is second nature.

The International Olympic Committee had that feeling last week as they made the decision to readmit wrestling to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

One of the oldest sports in Olympic history, wrestling was ousted last year and was thought to be hard to understand and un-watchable by the general public.

Public outcry and a grass-roots push to get it put back in forced the IOC to realize how popular it was, and it was reinstated ahead of squash and a baseball/softball joint venture.

I'm glad that wrestling beat out the baseball/softball duo and I'm ambivalent about squash.

I mean, I like spaghetti squash in the fall, and pumpkin pie is great, but as a sport, I'm just not that interested.

Baseball and softball are sports that already have a world series at the Little League and professional levels and - while Major League Baseball's version of the World Series only includes one team outside the U.S. - really shouldn't be in the Olympics.

But wrestling, a sport where an individual can go from being a nobody wrestling sheep on the farm to a superstar, is the quintessential Olympic sport.

It's a sport found everywhere in the world. It takes no special equipment and requires nothing more than an intense desire to be a champion and the will to work hard to that end.

We need more Hollywood movies about wrestling and how cool it is.

Maybe I'll start training for the Olympics and then Paramount can pick up the option for a movie of my life story.

But first I've got to get a sheep.