The Brookings-Harbor High School volleyball team was unable to translate a first-game victory into a complete-match win as they lost 1-3 to the Lancers of South Umpqua High School on Thursday night.

"We kept playing to the other team's level," senior Megan Strain said. "We didn't do anything we've worked hard to do. Right now we're playing as individuals and not as a team and that is what we need to fix."

The first game was a 26-24 victory for the Bruins but they were unable to keep the momentum and lost game two 21-25.

Both games two and three were close with the Bruins leading for the first half, but then the momentum would shift and they lost. The final game was a 16-25 loss with the Bruins falling apart.

The Bruins will have a shot at redemption on Tuesday when they host the Bulldogs of Sutherlin. That game is set to begin at 6 p.m.