The Brookings-Harbor High School boys and girls junior varsity soccer teams picked up a couple of games against the Knights of North Valley High School on Tuesday afternoon.

The girls used their speed, size and aggressiveness to push their way to a 5-0 victory.

"It's fantastic," JV Coach Carol Leonard said. "They're doing exactly what we've been teaching them. It was great."

The girls spread the goals around the team with five different individuals scoring each goal.

Boys can't get ball past goalie and end game in 1-1 tie

The BHHS boys team had close to 50 shots on goal during its matchup with the Knights, but couldn't get more than just one to sail past the goalkeeper and ended the game in a 1-1 tie.

Dillon Serna scored the lone goal for the Bruins, while a seemingly questionable foul in the penalty box gave the Knights their one goal on a penalty kick.

"It was a good game," Serna said. "We should have just aimed for the corners. We made that goalie look good by kicking the ball right at him."