It's a story that has the makings of a Hollywood movie all over it.

"This is the miracle group," Brookings-Harbor Mavericks centerfielder Alec Darger said. "We're definitely not like any baseball team that has played the game before.

"We're a bunch of rat-tat kids and for us to make it all the way here and actually be next level contenders - to be clichandeacute;, it's a miracle kinda, but not to us because we know we deserve it."

The Brookings-Harbor Mavericks is a senior Babe Ruth team made up entirely of Brookings-Harbor High School athletes that won the Southern Oregon State Championship in Yreka two weeks ago to qualify for the Northwest Region Tournament this week in Klamath Falls.

The Mavericks opened up the four days of pool play with two losses: the first a 2-6 drubbing that, according to Head Coach Keith Wallin, would have been much closer if the team hadn't committed as many errors as they did.

The second loss was a 3-4 game that would have gone the Mavericks' way if not for error issues again.

The Mavericks refused to let the losses get to them and took its next two games into extra innings for two victorys.

Thursday's game ended when Bryce Aldrich hit a walk off single to score Alec McBride and Jordan King to win the game 6-5.

"It was unbelievable," Wallin said. "Our team unity in the dugout is what is winning games and has made us a dark horse in this tournament. It was big for Bryce and really shows his work ethic going opposite field.

"That's something he's worked really hard on."

Aldrich attributed his hard work to the feeling he has of family with his team.

"I just gave it my all and it paid off," he said. "We're playing hard out there and we've been trying to get better as a team. This is my family and when they do everything that they can, I'm going to give it everything I can."

Friday's win took nine innings, but Wyatt Aldrich's triple to score the go ahead runs gave the Mavericks a 5-2 victory and a chance to advance to the semi-finals today.

"It's a little bit surreal," Wallin said. "It's been a phenomenal ride for these guys and they'll never forget it. It's huge."

... As of press time the Mavericks' future had yet to be decided by two teams still playing in their pool. ...

If Wyoming (2-1 in pool play) defeats South Washington (0-3 in pool play), then the Mavericks will not play in the semi-finals. If Wyoming loses, then the Mavericks win the tie-breaker of fewest runs allowed and advance to the semi-final game.