Rather than offer solace from the beating sun of a long summer day, the Beat the Heat Basketball Tournament offered the 13 attending teams a respite from the rain, fog and cold that blanketed Brookings-Harbor over the three days.

The Beat the Heat Tournament was organized four years ago as the brainchild of Brookings-Harbor High School girls head coach Chris Schofield and his assistant Daryn Farmer.

The duo wanted to have a few games for their summer league team in which to participate without having to leave the comfort of their own city and put together the event.

It started out small and has grown into a 13-team event that provides a lot of basketball for a lot of teams in a short amount of time.

"All the great teams that come have a tendency to come back," Schofield said. "The kids and their parents stop us all the time and tell us what a blast they had."

For the players it is a chance to play a lot of games without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

"I like it a lot," point guard Drew Farmer said. "It give us a chance to play in front of the home crowd and then go home to our own beds."

The Lady Bruins won three out of seven games, but Schofield was pleased with the way they played.

"They've done a great job," he said.

Teams included in the tournament were Crater, Gold Beach, Illinois Valley, Coquille, Eagle Point, Aloha, Del Norte, Phoenix, South Medford, North Valley, Etna, Pacific and Brookings-Harbor high schools.

"It went great," BHHS guard Iva Hart said. "We had some good teams come down. Aloha and Crater are both great teams and they really challenged us."

For the Bruins, the tournament is also a time to try out various plays and strategies.

"It's a great time to put new things on the floor and see how they work out," Schofield said. "We can run different offenses and defenses to see how they work because the wins and losses don't matter. We can try people out in new positions and see how they work and if they don't we can move them around."

Playing three games a day for three days straight drained the Bruins, but in the end they were happy.

"They're pretty tired by the end of the week, but individuals on the team made a ton of progress," Schofield said. "And that is what we're looking for: progress."