I spent Tuesday morning on a beach north of Gold Beach with a shovel, a clam hammer and a high degree of anticipation.

I was hunting the elusive gaper clam on a beach, the location of which I am not allowed to divulge.

It's not that the person who took me wants to keep it a secret ... no, well, ummm, yeah I guess it is that he wants to keep it a secret.

I guess when you are digging gapers the size of professional wrestler Andre the Giant's fist, you want to keep the location secret.

And, as I have some experience with divulging the location of secret spots - I took a lot of flack for divulging how to get to Secret Beach, even though it's not that secret - I had to promise to not let anyone know where this location is, or how to get there.

(Trust me, if you can find it AND make it down to the beach without killing yourself AND know enough about digging gapers to get to them, you deserve a limit of some of the biggest clams I've ever seen on the Oregon Coast. (Look for a story in an upcoming edition of the Pilot, sans location.))

As I was making my way down to the beach, I thought to myself that it would be cool to have a series of stories on locations that are secrets. Maybe not secret in the sense that nobody knows about the actual location - although I'll take those too - but secret as in cool things to do at locations that people don't know about.

Hikes through virgin stands of timber to swim in a reservoir. Bike rides down trails that very few know about.

Places to pick wild berries (preferably without thorns).

Locations to harvest more clams, crab or fish ... anything and everything.

If you have a secret that you want to share, send me an email at jhatch@currypilot.com.

I would love to do a story on whatever it is that you think is secret. Let me know and I'll not say a word.