The Brookings-Harbor High School track and field team presented team awards on Tuesday evening at their annual awards banquet.

Head Coach Jim Keys was extremely pleased with how well the track and field athletes performed in the 2013 season.

"If you're going to get better, you have to do the work," Keys said. "I appreciate how hard this team worked. It paid off for a lot of them."

Varsity letter recipients included: freshmen Chris Burton, Sam Fletcher, Jessie Good, Alex Ward, Hunter Niedens and Hanna Leonard; sophomores Kaylee Gorman, Molly Joyce, Cody Enos, Scott Hedenskog, Fernando Villa, Cody Burroughs, Carlos Lira, Addie Fitzgerald, Sonia Haro and Shaine Graham; juniors Trent Bevan, David Joyce, Jordyn Keys, Cole Kellum, Gabe Brazelton and Samantha Hage; seniors Zack Konkel, Brandi Rodgers, Shaylin Curtis and Kaitlin Mitts.

Athletes had to score at least 10 points during the season to letter and according to Keys some were able to add points by helping out at middle school track meets and with fundraising.

Far West League All-League honors went to all athletes who went to the state competition - including alternates for the relay teams - and included: Trent Bevan, Cody Enos, Cole Kellum, Shaylin Curtis, Shaine Graham, Zack Konkel and Gabe Brazelton.

Team awards went to a number of athletes and included:

Rookie of Year: Kendra Graham and Chris Burton.

Coaches Award: Kaylee Gorman and Tyler Marrington.

Most Improved: Shaylin Curtis and David Joyce.

Most points scored: Jordyn Keys and Shaine Graham (second year in a row).