Watching the numerous golfers at the OSAA 4A state championships hit their bags with clubs after a bad shot or drop their clubs, or throw their clubs, or throw their balls made me realize that they are just mimicking the professional golfers they see on TV.

It used to be that golf was a prohibitive sport: a gentleman's game.

But with John Daly's bold and brash attitude, and Tiger's disregard for rules (or his seeming disregard for rules) the sport has taken a turn for the worse.

At least at the professional level.

And now at the high-school level.

Enough already.

I'm a golfer - maybe I should say I hit the ball and enjoy driving around the golf course to find it in fairways other than my own - and I've always felt there were certain expectations.

I know that when I hit a bad shot the first reaction is to smash the head of the club into the ground, but I've come to realize that it's not the club's fault, but my own.

I've also realized that if I get mad at myself for every bad shot I take, I'd be mad for 95 percent of the course. What is the point in going golfing if you're just going to get mad at yourself?

I'll never be a good enough golfer to even have a handicap, but I'm OK with that.

I like to hit the ball, get some exercise and on occasion, hit a great shot - I've hit two birdies in my lifetime and neither one was local.

Not everyone on the courses today seems to have the same understanding.

I understand that some of the players in the high school tournament have dreams of becoming professional golfers, and I applaud their drive, determination and desire.

But, I hope that they will take golf back to where it used to be: A place where drinking, cussing, lying and horribly ugly plaid pants were the norm, but cheating on your wife or throwing a fit on the course was enough to get a player kicked out of a tournament.