Middle schoolers finish season strong

The Azalea Middle School track and field team traveled to North Bend on Thursday to compete in the Far West League District Championships and brought home seven first-place finishes as well as a number of second and third place finishes as well.

The seventh-grade boys team claimed third place in team points while the eight-grade team claimed fourth overall.

On the girls side, the seventh-grade girls took seventh and the eighth-grade girls finished third, just 1/2 a point behind Siuslaw's second place.

One of the first-place finishers - pole vaulter Ryan Botnen - not only took first in the pole vault with a height of 9-03, he finished the season as the top-ranked seventh grader in the state of Oregon and fourth-ranked in the U.S.

Individual results:

7th grade boys

100-meters: Bailey Stamm, 13.97, 3rd; Nick Anderburg, 14.20, 6th

200-meters: Ryan Botnen, 28.73, 5th; Jacob Gallego, 28.96, 6th; Bailey Stamm, 29.16, 7th

400-meters: Ezra Burton, 1:12.61, 10th

800-meters: Issac Cooper, 2:37.02, 4th; Weston Robbins, 2:43.16, 9th, Sam Broberg, 2:44.34, 11th

1500-meters: Issac Cooper, 5:04.53, 2nd; Weston Robbins, 5:17.79, 5th, Jacob Butler, 8th

100-meter hurdles: Chris Hart, 19.26, 2nd; Jacob Gallego, 19.78, 3rd; Nick Anderburg, 21.43, 7th

200-meter hurdles: Jacob Gallego, 33.75, 3rd; Chris Hart, 34.27, 5th

4x100-meters: Relay team, 54.53, 3rd

Pole vault: Ryan Botnen, 9-03, 1st

Long jump: Bailey Stamm, 14-01, 6th; Chris Hart, 14-01, 7th

7th grade girls

100-meters: Stephanie Birks, 14.74, 3rd

200-meters: Ryan Botnen, 28.73,Stephanie Birks, 31.04, 3rd; Abby Farmer, 31.88, 5th

100-meter hurdles: Emma Leonard, 20.07, 4th

200-meter hurdles:

Averi Carroll, 42.29, 11th

4x400-meters: Emma Leonard, Abby Farmer, Suzu Nishioka, Mikaya Bruce, 4:55.60, 1st

High jump: Suzu Nishioka, 3-10, 5th; Averi Carroll, 3-08, 10th; Shanon Cowan, 3-06, 12th

Long jump: Abby Farmer, 13-02, 9th

8th grade boys

100-meters: Dustin Lea, 12.89, 3rd; Dillon Serna, 13.61, 6th

200-meters: Sean Colbert, 27.36, 4th; Dillon Serna, 28.37; 5th

400-meters: Dustin Lea, 58.76, 1st; Braden Chapman, 59.16, 3rd; Zach Williams, 1:01.25, 5th

800-meters: Daniel Paulsen, 2:28.96, 4th; Patrick Fulton, 2:33.58, 7th; Fernando Lira, 2:41.83

1500-meters: Patrick Fulton, 5:12.11, 4th; Spencer Abblitt, 5:21.09, 6th; Fernando Lira, 5:32.97, 9th

100-meter hurdles: Ocean Doyle, 20.22, 10th

200-meter hurdles: Ocean Doyle, 34.86, 12th

4x100-meter relay: Braden Chapman, Dustin Lea, Zach Williams, Sean Colbert, 54.55, 3rd

4x400-meter relay: Braden Chapman, Sean Colbert, Daniel Paulsen, Dustin Lea, 4:10.11, 1st

Shot put: Isaiah Ross, 35-08, 6th

Discus: Isaiah Ross, 102-04, 3rd; David Freeman, 91-10, 8th

High jump: Isaiah Ross, 4-06, 6th

Long Jump: Braden Chapman, 16-06, 3rd; Isaiah Ross, 14-09.5, 8th; Dillon Serna, 14-04, 10th.

8th grade girls

100-meters: Tyra Baron, 13.96, 1st

200-meters: Savannah Rexford, 33.35, 12th

400-meters: Tyra Baron, 1:04.56, 2nd; Luka Frazier, 1:06.69, 4th; Savannah Rexford, 1:12.90, 8th

800-meters: Kylie Johnson, 2:44.17, 2nd; Debra Lawrence, 2:48.96, 4th; Sabrina Christopher, 3:38.90, 10th

1500-meters: Debra Lawrence, 5:48.70, 4th; Sabrina Christopher, 7:17.13, 8th; Donnie Lamar, 8:28.25

100-meter hurdles: Emma Murdock, 19.01, 3rd; Breanna Bevan, 19.91, 7th

200-meter hurdles: Emma Murdock, 35.78, 5th; Breanna Bevan, 36.68, 6th; Abbey Schreiber, 38.25, 9th

4x100-meter relay: Luka Frazier, Kylie Johnson, Tyra Baron, Sienna Worthey, 54.83, 2nd

4x400-meter relay: Luka Frazier, Kylie Johnson, Tyra Baron, Debra Lawrence, 4:36.75, 1st

Shot put: Sienna Worthey, 31-04, 2nd; Chantelle Nelson, 28-07.5, 4th; Lilly Walker, 25-00, 10th

Discus: Chantelle Nelson, 74-06, 1st; Laurie Buehler, 61-07, 7th, Jocelyn Kay, 55-02, 10th

Javelin: Kia Collins, 76-07, 7th; Rosa Haro, 66-11, 9th; Breanna Bevan, 54-10, 11th

High Jump: Kylie Johnson, 4-06, 3rd; Abby Schreiber, 4-00, 10th, Breanna Bevan, 3-08, 11th

Long Jump: Luka Frazier, 12-10, 8th; Abbey Schreiber, 12-08, 9th

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