The Azalea Middle School track and field team traveled to North Bend on Thursday to compete in the Far West League District Championships and brought home seven first-place finishes as well as a number of second and third place finishes as well.

The seventh-grade boys team claimed third place in team points while the eight-grade team claimed fourth overall.

On the girls side, the seventh-grade girls took seventh and the eighth-grade girls finished third, just 1/2 a point behind Siuslaw's second place.

One of the first-place finishers - pole vaulter Ryan Botnen - not only took first in the pole vault with a height of 9-03, he finished the season as the top-ranked seventh grader in the state of Oregon and fourth-ranked in the U.S.

Individual results:

7th grade boys

100-meters: Bailey Stamm, 13.97, 3rd; Nick Anderburg, 14.20, 6th

200-meters: Ryan Botnen, 28.73, 5th; Jacob Gallego, 28.96, 6th; Bailey Stamm, 29.16, 7th

400-meters: Ezra Burton, 1:12.61, 10th

800-meters: Issac Cooper, 2:37.02, 4th; Weston Robbins, 2:43.16, 9th, Sam Broberg, 2:44.34, 11th

1500-meters: Issac Cooper, 5:04.53, 2nd; Weston Robbins, 5:17.79, 5th, Jacob Butler, 8th

100-meter hurdles: Chris Hart, 19.26, 2nd; Jacob Gallego, 19.78, 3rd; Nick Anderburg, 21.43, 7th

200-meter hurdles: Jacob Gallego, 33.75, 3rd; Chris Hart, 34.27, 5th

4x100-meters: Relay team, 54.53, 3rd

Pole vault: Ryan Botnen, 9-03, 1st

Long jump: Bailey Stamm, 14-01, 6th; Chris Hart, 14-01, 7th

7th grade girls

100-meters: Stephanie Birks, 14.74, 3rd

200-meters: Ryan Botnen, 28.73,Stephanie Birks, 31.04, 3rd; Abby Farmer, 31.88, 5th

100-meter hurdles: Emma Leonard, 20.07, 4th

200-meter hurdles:

Averi Carroll, 42.29, 11th

4x400-meters: Emma Leonard, Abby Farmer, Suzu Nishioka, Mikaya Bruce, 4:55.60, 1st

High jump: Suzu Nishioka, 3-10, 5th; Averi Carroll, 3-08, 10th; Shanon Cowan, 3-06, 12th

Long jump: Abby Farmer, 13-02, 9th

8th grade boys

100-meters: Dustin Lea, 12.89, 3rd; Dillon Serna, 13.61, 6th

200-meters: Sean Colbert, 27.36, 4th; Dillon Serna, 28.37; 5th

400-meters: Dustin Lea, 58.76, 1st; Braden Chapman, 59.16, 3rd; Zach Williams, 1:01.25, 5th

800-meters: Daniel Paulsen, 2:28.96, 4th; Patrick Fulton, 2:33.58, 7th; Fernando Lira, 2:41.83

1500-meters: Patrick Fulton, 5:12.11, 4th; Spencer Abblitt, 5:21.09, 6th; Fernando Lira, 5:32.97, 9th

100-meter hurdles: Ocean Doyle, 20.22, 10th

200-meter hurdles: Ocean Doyle, 34.86, 12th

4x100-meter relay: Braden Chapman, Dustin Lea, Zach Williams, Sean Colbert, 54.55, 3rd

4x400-meter relay: Braden Chapman, Sean Colbert, Daniel Paulsen, Dustin Lea, 4:10.11, 1st

Shot put: Isaiah Ross, 35-08, 6th

Discus: Isaiah Ross, 102-04, 3rd; David Freeman, 91-10, 8th

High jump: Isaiah Ross, 4-06, 6th

Long Jump: Braden Chapman, 16-06, 3rd; Isaiah Ross, 14-09.5, 8th; Dillon Serna, 14-04, 10th.

8th grade girls

100-meters: Tyra Baron, 13.96, 1st

200-meters: Savannah Rexford, 33.35, 12th

400-meters: Tyra Baron, 1:04.56, 2nd; Luka Frazier, 1:06.69, 4th; Savannah Rexford, 1:12.90, 8th

800-meters: Kylie Johnson, 2:44.17, 2nd; Debra Lawrence, 2:48.96, 4th; Sabrina Christopher, 3:38.90, 10th

1500-meters: Debra Lawrence, 5:48.70, 4th; Sabrina Christopher, 7:17.13, 8th; Donnie Lamar, 8:28.25

100-meter hurdles: Emma Murdock, 19.01, 3rd; Breanna Bevan, 19.91, 7th

200-meter hurdles: Emma Murdock, 35.78, 5th; Breanna Bevan, 36.68, 6th; Abbey Schreiber, 38.25, 9th

4x100-meter relay: Luka Frazier, Kylie Johnson, Tyra Baron, Sienna Worthey, 54.83, 2nd

4x400-meter relay: Luka Frazier, Kylie Johnson, Tyra Baron, Debra Lawrence, 4:36.75, 1st

Shot put: Sienna Worthey, 31-04, 2nd; Chantelle Nelson, 28-07.5, 4th; Lilly Walker, 25-00, 10th

Discus: Chantelle Nelson, 74-06, 1st; Laurie Buehler, 61-07, 7th, Jocelyn Kay, 55-02, 10th

Javelin: Kia Collins, 76-07, 7th; Rosa Haro, 66-11, 9th; Breanna Bevan, 54-10, 11th

High Jump: Kylie Johnson, 4-06, 3rd; Abby Schreiber, 4-00, 10th, Breanna Bevan, 3-08, 11th

Long Jump: Luka Frazier, 12-10, 8th; Abbey Schreiber, 12-08, 9th