As you read this, I'm on the road to Reno with a group of wrestlers who plan to compete in the 2013 CF Athletic Reno Worlds wrestling tournament - well, unless you're one of those odd few who likes to be up at the crack of dawn to read the paper.

Preparing for this road trip brings back memories of road trips I've taken before.

Road trips were the backbone of my family adventures as a kid and have been just as fun now that I'm an adult.

The first I can remember is a trip with my family (sister, brother, mom and dad) in a Volkswagen Vanagon to Texas.

I remember three things from that trip: There were brand new puppies at the home of the people we visited; we listened to the Carpenters' "I'm On Top of the World" on 8-track (and I fell in love with Karen); and, we had one of those portable toilets that had the pump deal on the top to pump a little water into the bowl after you used it.

I don't remember using it much, but it saved some messy pants more than once, I'm sure.

I fell in love with another woman on a different road trip. Actually, I was already in love with her before we drove back from Reno together, but the 10-hour trip - we were travelling convoy with a school bus - solidified that love and three weeks later, I proposed to Holly. (She said yes.)

Another great road trip was one I took with my friend Austin to San Diego for my brother's wedding.

I was already on the road when I called Austin on a spur-of-the-moment whim and asked if he wanted to go.

He did, so we did.

We drove 14 hours straight through and hit the wedding. Then we decided to drive to the border and go to Tijuana, Mexico because neither of us had ever been before.

Food was great, didn't drink the water and Austin got a shoe shine that he didn't really want.

While I'm taking the road trip for work, I'm hoping that there will be just as many memories made on this road trip that have been made on previous ones.

Thanks to Melissa and Tony Hannan, parents of two of the wrestlers (and my ride), I'll have a chance to find out.