I missed the Elite Eight game between Duke and Louisville, but I did catch the action on Youtube - all 17 seconds of it - and with the severity of Kevin Ware's leg break, there might be something to be said for a 5-second television delay to be built into nationally televised sporting events.

I kept rewinding the footage as though I couldn't quite believe that it had happened.

For those who didn't see it, Ware went up to block the 3-point shot of Duke's Tyler Thornton and when he came down, his knee buckled and then his tibia splintered into a compound fracture that had to be surgically repaired.

It was eerie, watching his leg just crumple underneath him like it was made of a piece of balsa wood.

Even more interesting was his team's reaction.

All of those sitting on the bench scrambled away from him laying on the sideline - literally jumping on each other to get as far from him as they could.

Thornton appeared to have the same reaction I did when I saw the footage. He looks back and sees what I assume was the broken leg and reacts. Then - as though he couldn't help himself - he looks again, covers his eyes and then looks again.

I think that a lot of times we just can't believe what were seeing and we all have a bit of the lookey loo in us.

I was impressed that Ware remained conscious throughout the ordeal. The pain must have been mind-boggling and yet, according to reports, he was encouraging his team to go out and get the win.

The other thing that impressed me was the teammate that was on the floor next to Ware that kept patting his chest to keep him calm - either that, or to keep him from getting up and trying to finish the game.

Kudos to Louisville for its ability to get past a horrific accident and continue on to win the game.

Here's to hoping for a 5-second delay in all sports except those where you expect to see broken bones and blood.