One inning was all it took for the Brookings-Harbor High School baseball team to turn a potential win into a loss. Despite a seventh-inning effort which found five runners on base through the inning, the Bruins dropped Monday's home game to the Panthers of McKinleyville, 7-9.

"We played great baseball," Head Coach Keith Wallin said. "Everybody on the team said after the game - even after one bad inning - every single kid said they were really excited about how they played, and that they know they are close to getting over the hump."

The Bruins led 7-2 headed into the seventh inning but allowed seven straight runs in the top of the seventh on five walks, two doubles and a single.

"We weren't quite prepared mentally to close the game," Wallin said, "and, to their credit, the other team hit the ball really hard in the seventh inning."

The Bruins were able to put five runners on base in the bottom of the seventh but weren't able to score the three runs needed to claim the victory.

"The great thing was, in the bottom of the seventh, we put five guys on base," Wallin explained. "So we had an opportunity, even after giving up that many.

"For the most part the attitudes stayed great and everyone was in the game even until the last out of the seventh inning."

Chandler Dodd started the game on the mound for the Bruins and struck out five batters while walking just three.

Relief pitcher Bryce Aldrich took over in the seventh and walked three, hit two batters with a pitch and gave up 7 runs.

The Bruins offensive production was on the ball in the second and fourth innings with a number of Bruins coming away with a multi-hit game.

Ronnie Manley (2-3, 2 runs), Alex McBride (3-4, 2 runs) and Rick Kreger (2-4, 1 run), batting the sixth, seventh and eighth positions respectively, put up great numbers, according to Wallin.

"Really nice to see the guys at the bottom of the order get some production," he said. "They showed up today and we hit the ball really well."

The Bruins head to Henley on Friday and then Mazama on Saturday for a couple of non-league games.