Saturday is draft day for my fantasy league.

That means that last Saturday was the day for keepers to be turned in.

In the fantasy league I'm in keepers are the key to winning the league. You keep up to 10 players from year to year and it makes acquiring star players when the first hit the majors all the more important.

Well, I forgot to turn in my keepers. I had state basketball playoffs to cover and family illness to deal with, but it was no excuse for not getting my keepers turned in before those things took over my life.

I knew my keepers were due for a couple of months prior to the actual due date, but I chose to procrastinate.

I'm a life-long procrastinator when it comes to the little things. I keep thinking, "I'll get to that in a couple of hours," or, "I've still got three weeks before that deadline."

So what I do to combat the issue is force early deadlines on myself. If something is due in three weeks, I'll give myself two days to do it.

And it's not enough to just tell myself there is an early deadline, I'll make sure that the person depending on me knows that I'll be done in that time frame.

It's not a perfect solution, but it's taking hold in my psyche and seems to be working.

With regard to the draft on Saturday, I should be able to get some of my intended keepers back. It will be difficult because I draft fifth - it sucks to be a middle of the road finisher - but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I hope there is something to be said having a change forced on me by my own procrastination.

With my inability to rely on the solid players I would have kept from last year - Justin Upton, Matt Holliday, Jered Weaver, Paul Goldschmidt and others - I'm going to have to put twice as much effort into this year's draft. I'll claim youngsters and 2012 break-out players who weren't claimed or kept by other owners, and I'll try to get back some of the players I would have kept.

Wish me luck.