Tied 2-2 with two outs and a man on second the pressure was on for Bruins' shortstop Corwin Farquhar.

Unphased by the possibilities - strikeout and go into extra innings; ground out and go into extra innings; single and not score a run; or score a run and win the game - Farquhar bombed a shot that dropped well over the outfielder's head and allowed teammate Chandler Dodd to score from second.

"I was just hoping to get it over the pitcher's head," Farquhar said. "Try to get that win, you know."

The double would allow the Bruins to walk off the field - with a 3-2 victory - without playing the end of the inning because it came in the bottom of the seventh, and final, inning of the game.

"It definitely brings up the moral," Farquhar said. "We all wanted to win today especially against our rivals Del Norte. It's a good way to start the season and we're looking good so far. We're all working hard."

The game began poorly for the Bruins with three errors by the Bruins' defense that allowed the Warriors to score 2 runs in the top of the second.

"There was nothing really bad going on on the field," Head Coach Keith Wallin said. "One ball took a bad hop, one ball we weren't aggressive enough on and another ball we were just lazy on.

"The good news is, if two runs get scored in a bad inning, we're going to win a lot of ball games."

The Bruins wouldn't get runs on the board until the bottom of the third when Ronnie Manley would score on a pass-ball by the Warriors' starting pitcher Luke Seats.

The Bruins second run came in the bottom of the sixth when Brandon Holteen scored relief pitcher Bryce Aldrich, who walked to get on base, with a double to tie up the game.

Second base seemed to be a favorite of the Bruins, as their only three hits were doubles.

"We battled, we fought through adversity, couple things didn't go our way but the boys had great attitudes all the way through the game," Wallin said. "It paid off in the end; we hit a lot of balls really hard late in the game."

Starting pitcher Wyatt Aldrich threw six full innings with 10 strikeouts, two walks and one earned run.

"He is the big guy, he's a beast," Wallin said. "He is working so hard on getting stronger and it paid off. He threw one of the best games he has ever thrown."

Wyatt'ssix innings were closed out by his brother Bryce who threw three strikes to get the Bruins out of the inning, 1-2-3.

Wallin admitted that the Bruins' preseason schedule will be tough, with games against strong baseball schools in the valley and the win is a boost to the Bruins' morale.

"It's huge," he said. "We have a tough non-conference schedule, and to come back and fight through adversity for the win is absolutely huge for us."

The Bruins travel to Hidden Valley for a doubleheader on Friday.