The final whistle has been blown, the MVP has been named and advertisers have gone back to the drawing board to try and outdo themselves for Super Bowl XLVIII. Now the accusations come out.

Before I get there though, why do Super Bowl producers continue to use Roman numerals instead of just using a two digit Arabic numbering system? It's ridiculous. It's time to phase out the use of Roman numerals altogether and, while I'm sure there will be fallout the first year it changes, it will taper off and eventually no one will care.

I'll start.

Now that Super Bowl 47 has its place in the history books andndash; first power outage ever for the Super Bowl and a 108-yard kickoff return (longest in a playoff game and tied for longest ever in a football game) andndash; and the 49ers have lost, the finger pointing (or excuse making) starts.

Niners' head coach Jim Harbough openly criticized the no-call by the officials on the final play of the 49ers drive in the fourth quarter.

He claims that they should have thrown the flag, not for pass interference, but for defensive holding, and, while I can see his case, I thought it was a good no-call.

The thing is, they had three plays previously in which to make something happen. It wasn't the referee's fault that the 49ers lost. In fact, their loss might have something to do with the fact that they didn't decide to play the game until after the power outage in the third quarter stopped everything cold for 35 minutes.

There is never any reason to blame the referees for a loss.

Sure, officials make mistakes, miss calls, fail to see crucial elements of the game in front of them, and all-in-all are horrible sometimes (I ref on occasion and I freely admit to all of the above); but a team should never blame them for the loss.

If you're the better team, you should have won. If you lost, it's because you didn't do the necessary things in order to win.

I'm glad that Ray Lewis got a championship ring on which to end his career and I think that Colin Kaepernick did prove that running quarterbacks have a place in the game.

Many critics of Kaepernick's QB style said that he couldn't be successful; that only pocket quarterbacks would have a chance to succeed.

While Kaepernick fell short in his bid for a title, I think he proved that he and other quarterbacks like him andndash; Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, Michael Vick, etc. andndash; will be able to captain their teams to future titles. Who knows, maybe RGIII will win Super Bowl 48 ... or even better, Oregon's Marcus Mariota will win Super Bowl 51 in his rookie season as Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback.

One last Super Bowl 47 note: For the first time in years, I enjoyed the Star-Spangled Banner. Alisha Keys did a splendid job and, according to the record keepers, she set a new record for the length of the anthem.

The close-up shot of Lewis' face as he tried to sing along was very moving. I even teared up a little.

Maybe I'll blame those tears for the loss. Yeah, that's it: Everyone was so emotional from watching Lewis sing along that they weren't able to perform as planned.

Darned refs! Should have thrown a flag for excessive emotion.