Chip Kelly. Money-grubbing, opportunistic, back-stabbing jerk? Or, just a guy getting while the getting is good?

I have to say, if I was in Chip's place, I'd have been on the first plane andndash; first-class of course andndash; out of Eugene.

He is a professional coach. He is not a kind-hearted, put-the-University of Oregon-above-all-else coach.

So, I wish him well. I think that his departure begs the realization that he came into a program on the rise. Sure, he added his own twist and the Ducks benefitted from it, but it wasn't like he took the program from 0-11 to 11-0 in a single season.

Come September we'll be able to see if it was his coaching that was key, or if it was a program that once built will never waver.

He'll have a chance to coach the Philadelphia Eagles who went 4-12 in the 2012 season and have some of the worst rated offensive, defensive and special teams units in the league.

Fans of Chip's will find out if he has the chops as a coach andndash; and he'll prove himself as a coaching powerhouse andndash; if he can take the Eagles soaring on the updrafts of success like he did with the Ducks.

Oddly enough, I think the new head coach, Mark Helfrich, has a tougher row of corn to hoe than Chip.

He'll be saddled with a program that people expect to win andndash; if he fails it will be immensely noticeable.

The same goes for coaches who will take over various fall sports at Brookings-Harbor High School next year. Those who are coming into the football and volleyball programs have little room in which to fail andndash; the teams which they are taking over reside in the bottom third of the league andndash; but the coach coming to take charge of the girls soccer program has a certain level of expectation he or she must meet.

The girls soccer program has competed for the Far West League title for the past six years or so and any coach taking over the program will have to produce results quickly or face ridicule.

Whether they succeed or fail, I'm sure they won't be flying to Brookings in any class, let alone first.