The Bruins needed a good start to their evening of wrestling on Wednesday and it only took them 23 seconds to get it as Brycen Cessnun pinned Tyler Coolidge of Siuslaw for six team points and an excellent start at a four-team Far West League dual meet in North Bend.

Dual meets andndash; where teams face each other one at a time without regard to the other teams at the meet andndash; are won by points; with six points taken for victory by pin, injury or forfeit; five points taken for a technical fall; four for a major victory (8-14 point difference); and three for a decision (less than an 8-point difference). Cessnun's quick victory put the Bruins on path to defeat the Vikings 48-24.

Senior Cole Hannan continued his FWL unbeaten streak by pinning Travis Dahlberg in the 145-pound weight class, while fellow senior C.J. Paxton pinned Cameron Matthew in just 46 seconds to add to the Bruins' total.

The Bruins claimed 36 points on six forfeits by the Vikings while giving up three forfeits of their own.

There were also two JV matches, one of which andndash; Kevin Brambila against K. Kawahara andndash; seemed to be more exciting than many of the varsity matches.

Brambila has lost every match of the 2013 season andndash; his freshman season andndash; and was not expected to win the match, let alone still be wrestling in the third period.

But wrestling he was. Down 3-9, Brambila was fighting to survive when, with 30 seconds remaining, he reversed Kawahara for two points and secured a cross-body lock to get the pin.

"It's my first win all season," Brambila said. "I didn't think I would win this year. It feels great."

Brookings-Harbor andndash; 42, Sutherlin andndash; 27

The Bruins kept their hopes for a FWL dual meet team title alive by defeating the Bulldogs of Sutherlin 42-27.

In the 106-pound weight class Conrad Dethlefsen pinned Garrison Bates in just 46 seconds.

Still smarting from his exhibition loss against a heavier Vikings opponent, during which an unquenchable nosebleed delayed the match multiple times, Dethlefsen began the match determined to make it short.

When asked if he made it short to avoid another nosebleed he responded, "It was bleeding inside. I just kept sniffing it back and hoped it wouldn't show until I got the pin."

Bubba Spencer, Matt Sanders, Eddie Yeager and C.J. Paxton all joined Dethlefsen in getting pins.

Johnny Feuerborn took his 195-pound match into overtime before claiming three points for the team.

Feuerborn had a two-point lead in the third period when he got reversed and Nick Baning held on for a tie at the end of six minutes.

The 1-minute, sudden-death overtime began with both wrestlers on their feet and Feuerborn took Baning to the ground for the victory.

Hannan won his match against Jona Delacruz with a score of 15-2.

"He was my toughest opponent tonight," Hannan said. "He came up to me after the match was over and told me he was simply doing everything he could to not get pinned. He was tough."

Junior Tyler Marrington also won by points, claiming a tech fall over Justin Crum in the 160-pound weight class.