When is it appropriate to chant, "it's all over," at a high school sports contest?

I'm sure the answers are as varied as the number of people reading this column right now and I'm sure some of you are saying, "it's never appropriate to chant that."

I would say that chanting "it's all over," and other similar phrases andndash; jingling your keys, singing "Kiss Him Goodbye" or just leaving to beat traffic andndash; is appropriate (actually, leaving early is never appropriate) when the game is close enough to over and the opposition is not able to tie or win before time expires.

Having played high school sports and having been part of a college pep band, I can definitively say that there is no worse jinx than the premature spouting of game-end-taunting words.

So it was for the Bruins' fans on Wednesday night. Up by seven with a minute remaining seemed like it might be a safe time to start chanting, "it's all over."

But it wasn't.

The Warrior scored seven points in a minute with five of them coming with only 12 seconds on the clock.

I guess there is nothing like taunting the opponent to make them perform at optimum levels: And what is the saying about karma?

Yeah, that too.

The premature jinx has haunted the Bruins one too many times andndash; they lost a play-in game a couple of years back due to it andndash; and it is times fans learn to understand the game and use taunts properly.

Of course, without the jinx, we wouldn't have witnessed one of the most exciting games in recent years as the overtime came down to a great shot by Justin Murray to win the game by two.

The rivalry between the two teams could become epic, as long as it can stay clean and legal.

There is no need to slash tires or burn initials into fields or desecrate mascots, but a good, old-fashioned, our-fans-can-cheer-louder-and-smarter-than-your-fans type of rivalry would serve to increase attendance and bring a source of pride, honor and respect to both schools.

Let's hope that the Athletic Directors can schedule contests that will showcase the talents of the teams and their fans.