Today marks the first, last and only time that I will write a column that prints on a date where all of the numbers are the same andndash; unless I live to be 138 years old andndash; 12-12-12.

It's only made sweeter because according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end in cataclysmic disarray on the 21st of December.

I'm betting the Mayans didn't celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December andndash; or any kind of gift-giving holiday for that matter andndash; because if they had, the world might have ended a few days later than what it is scheduled to end now.

I mean, who wants to miss out on the last possible gift-giving experience ever? Not me.

So, I've not bought any Christmas presents, at least none that will need to be returned to the store.

Who wants to be trying to return a pair of jeans that don't fit while trying to dodge falling debris from all of the earthquakes and volcanos that will be erupting?

Now, I'm halfway tempted to believe in the Mayans predictions. Not because they seem logical, but because NASA has a website dedicated to refuting the Mayan claims:

Why would a government agency andndash; that, according to some, faked the moon landing andndash; have a website dedicated to making everyone feel safe?

Because disinformation is the key to keeping everybody happy.

We've all seen Deep Impact and Armageddon andndash; both great movies andndash; and we know that they'll hide the truth as long as they can to keep Americans working at their minimum wage jobs and paying taxes.

I'm not running for the hills or anything because I think it's just another Y2K deal but if it does happen, oh well.