This last week brought about some announcements in the world of Brookings-Harbor High School sports. Specifically regarding the head coach positions of volleyball, girls soccer and football.

While I'm sure the decisions were made long before I got notified, my first indication that something was in the works was a resignation letter I received via email from Head Football Coach Joe Morin.

I've watched Joe these past few years and I've been impressed with what I've seen.

I felt that he truly had a love for the athletes that he coached. It was a tough love at times, but it was love.

He was dedicated to his team and his athletes and was always quick to point out the athletes andndash; for me to interview andndash; who gave it their all and weren't just physically gifted. His athletes came first and I was always aware of that.

The next announcement I heard wasn't an announcement at all, it was a rumor.

Being in the news business, I decided I'd better substantiate that rumor with fact and went straight to the source.

It's true, volleyball Head Coach Lori Cooper has resigned.

It's been a tough road for Cooper in terms of wins and losses, but I see beyond the last two years of winless Far West League play.

I see a coach who has been dedicated to her sport for the past 15 years. I see a coach who tries to do the best she can with a sport from which athletes have been stolen by other sports. I see a coach who loved what she did.

The final resignation about which I found out was Head Coach Fred Juarez.

Fred resigned at the season-end banquet on Friday night, citing the fact that he didn't feel like he had what it took as a coach to help the BHHS girls soccer program make it to the next level.

I agree. I think Fred brought something very important to the team andndash; unity andndash; but he was simply, too nice.

I respect Fred's ability to realize that the team needed something he wasn't able to provide, and I respect the fact that he drove from Grants Pass every day for practice.

To three coaches who deserve the thanks of this community:

Thank you.