I was talking to Patrick Holmes on the sidelines at a recent BHHS girls soccer game andndash; they were winning 5-0 at the time andndash; about the upcoming NBA season.

He was very excited by his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers' chances at winning an NBA championship.

According to Holmes, the addition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash will give the Lakers what they need to take home the NBA championship trophy and rings come the end of the season.

I don't disagree that the addition of two high-profile and extremely talented players to the Lakers' staff could possibly help them, but I hate the Lakers.

It may be irrational to hate the Lakers, but I'm a Portland Trailblazers fan and we're known for being irrational.

I think it comes from the same place that my hatred of the Yankees stems. They are both teams that seem to try to buy championships with the purchase of players who are individually talented rather than try to build a team that puts team first and wins a championship by putting the five men on the floor who can win together.

Not only do these teams try to buy championships, it seems that players who are in the twilight of their careers try to make it to the Lakers to try to get their first championship ring andndash; I'm thinking Karl Malone in 2003, and now Steve Nash.

Why can't players just admit that, while they may have been the best at their position, they never had the team or the luck to win the much-coveted NBA title.

In Nash's case, he is a four-time member of the 50-40-90 club andndash; a club that has only five members. (The club honors players who had 50-percent field goal shooting, 40-percent three-point shooting and 90-percent free throw shooting while hitting league minimums for shots made.)

Do what John Stockton did and retire quietly; not what Malone did andndash; join the Lakers and still not get his ring.

It may be cruel to say this because I idolized Nash as a Dallas Maverick, but I really hope that the Lakers fail to win a championship until Nash retires.

That'll teach him to jump ship.