He thought it was a safe bet. He thought it was bet that no one, let alone nine athletes would collect on. He thought that no one would set a personal record (PR) on a course that is typically slower than all the others.

He was wrong.

Brookings-Harbor High School cross country Head Coach Terry Axel bet the entire team that they wouldn't set a PR at the Myrtle Point Invitational cross country meet; if they did, he would do fifteen pushups.

135 pushups and a soaked-with-sweat shirt later, Axel was regretting his bet.

"It was jaw dropping," he said. "I don't make bets like that. It was a safe bet. By the time I was done, my shirt was soaked with sweat."

Axel had nine athletes set personal best times on a course that has multiple tough hills and, according to Axel, is slower than any other course that the team runs all season.

Of the nine runners, eight were boys, while Mikaela Lea was the lone girl to set a personal record.

The Bruins have so many runners out for the boys team that Axel had to devise a fair way to determine who would run varsity each week.

According to Axel, the fastest seven runners make the varsity cut and the make up of the squad can change each week.

"I had real disruption in my varsity mix," Axel said. "It set my lineup for districts. It's pretty exciting for me because my two, three, four and five guys are freshmen and sophomores."

The Bruins have the disadvantage of having some of the top ranked teams in Oregon's cross country scene in their league and will have battle with North Bend High School for second place behind the number-one-ranked Vikings of Siuslaw in the Far West League district championships on Thursday, Oct. 25.

"If we're going to beat North Bend, it has to be a team pack attack," Axel explained. "I told my group that it will be a matter of who shows up and wants it next week."

Boys' 5,000-meter:Kyle Gordon, 1st, 17:23; Chris Burton, 5th, 18:57; Shaine Graham, 8th, 19:16; Cody Enos, 9th, 19:38; Chris Beeman, 10th, 19:39; Sean Graham, 11th, 19:45; Adan Brambila, 14th, 20:12; Fernando Villa, 15th, 20:20; Conrad Dethlefsen, 22nd, 21:15; Brandon Smalley, 29th, 22:00; Arman Carrasco, 30th, 22:02; Scott Hedenskog, 34th, 22:57; Hunter Niedens, 36th, 23:06; Kedrick Nelson, 41st, 25:41; Seamus Fitzgerald, 43rd, 27:55.

Girls' 5,000-meter:Shaylin Curtis, 7th, 22:26; Brandi Rodgers, 13th, 25:12; Mikaela Lea, 15th, 25:57; Mallory Darger, 20th, 27:13; Brittney Lamar, 23rd, 29:32.

The girls district championship race will begin at 12 p.m.; the boys race will begin at 12:45 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 25.