It was wet and cold before the Bruins' game began Friday night, and it only got wetter, colder and muddier as the evening progressed in the Brookings-Harbor High School's 7-26 loss to the Bulldogs of North Bend.

The Bruins held the Bulldogs to just one touchdown in the first half, and it didn't come until the final 50 seconds of the first quarter.

"I'm not disappointed in our defense at all," Senior quarterback Jr. Helme said. "We held the top scoring team in the state to just seven points in the first half. That was awesome."

Helme admitted that he had some things to work on on offense, but if the pass completion to Chandler Dodd with six minutes remaining in the third quarter was any indication, the pieces are there, they just need to be strung together over 48 minutes.

Turnovers due to the wet weather were a problem for both squads, and the yellow flags seemed to have been greased before the game started, as the referees couldn't keep them in their pockets andndash; including a number of penalties that left Bruins' fans and coaches scratching their heads.

While the Bruins recorded their second loss of Far West League play, they were in the game from beginning to end, according to senior CJ Paxton.

"We were in it from the start," he said. "They made some errors that we couldn't capitalize on, but if we would have we would have won the game."

The Bruins are on the road at 7 p.m. on Friday with a game against the undefeated Vikings of Siuslaw.