If one looked away from the soccer field for more than a moment on Monday afternoon they were likely to have their attention drawn back to the pitch by the roar of the crowd and player's shouts of jubilation as the Brookings-Harbor High School Lady Bruins soccer team scored a goal approximately every two minutes for the first 11 minutes of the match.

Crystal Rodriguez, Mahalee Evans, Hannah Baron, Karlie Gonzalez and then Baron again had the Bruins up 5-0 before more than 11 minutes had run off the clock in the 16-0 drubbing of the Lady Trojans of Douglas.

According to Head Coach Fred Juarez, the Bruins were trying to ensure that they would win a tie-breaker situation should the Far West League first-place situation come to it.

"I'm not sure how they will work the tiebreaker," Juarez said. "We figured if it came down to regular season points that we'd better have a cushion, so we ran up the score a little bit."

The Lady Bruins currently sit in second place and will travel to North Bend today for a game that could set the scene for a dramatic season.

The Lady Bulldogs are in first place with an undefeated FWL record while the Bruins are 6-1 with their single loss at the paws of the Bulldogs.

A Bruins victory will create a two-way tie for first and first place will be determined by OSAA policy.

According to assistant coach Chaulene Worthey it will be a tough game though.

"It's their home field, it's artificial turf, and it's a bigger field," she said. "It will be a tough game."

Juarez agreed.

"I want them to be prepared," he said, "and play like I know they can."

Lady Bruins andndash; and the times at which they scored andndash; scoring on Monday included Rodriguez, 2:20, 56; Evans, 4:30; Baron, 7:10, 11, 39, 50; Gonzalez, 9; Brenna Clarke, 17, 75; Hanna Leonard, 37; Jade Heredia, 45; Molly Joyce, 60; Jamie Macken, 66, 78; and Vanessa Hernandez, 71:30, 73:30.

"It was my first time scoring in a league game," Hernandez, a freshman, said. "It feels really good. When you normally don't do it, it makes it 10 times better."

The Bruins will face the Bulldogs at 4:30 in North Bend.