Overwhelming pressure by the Brookings-Harbor High School boys soccer team forced the Coquille Red Devils to play all eleven players on the defensive side of the field for the entire game in a Bruins' 4-1 victory.

The Bruins began the game with a goal in the 13th minute that didn't rely so much on soccer skills as it did on pure luck.

A cross pass by David Daniels hit off the back of a Red Devil defender and bounced into the goal before the goalie could corral it.

"I was crossing the pass and it just went in," Daniels said, "but they credited me with the goal."

The Devils scored their only goal in the game at the 22nd minute after a hand ball in the 18-meter box led to a penalty kick that went in past Bruin goalie Alex Garibay.

Garibay choose correctly when he dove to block the shot, but the ball skirted his fingers as it bent its way into the back of the net.

Offensive pressure by the Bruins kept the Red Devils pinned back on defense and having 10 defenders led to some congestion but that didn't stop the BHHS offensive players andndash; including senior forward Luis Rodriguez.

Rodriguez took the ball in the 24th minute, threaded his way between Coquille defenders and put the ball in the goal.

As the Red Devils kicked the ball off to restart the game, Rodriguez darted across the line, stole the ball, dribbled to the goal and shot to put the ball in the goal for the second time in less than 30 seconds.

"Coaches are always emphasizing pressure," Rodriguez said. "I just wanted to pressure them and the goal ended up happening."

The fourth goal of the game came in the 49th minute when Wyatt Aldrich kicked a well-placed shot from outside the 18-meter box that went in past the goalie's outstretched hands.

The Bruins' final goal came on a Nels Johnson shot that skirted the goalie and went it.

The Bruins' goal scoring has been on the rise recently as they have scored no less than four goals on every opponent in their last five games.

"We've emphasized a lot on our talking," Rodriguez said. "And the goals started coming."