A unique defensive strategy put together by Head Coach Fred Juarez and his assistant Chaulene Worthey andndash; perfectly executed by a duo of freshmen players: Brenna Clarke and Hannah Leonard andndash; allowed the Bruins to claim a 2-1 victory over the Bulldogs of Sutherlin on Thursday afternoon.

"It was Brenna Clarke and Hannah Leonard's job the whole game to be in (number 7's) hip pocket," Juarez said. "They did a great job."

Juarez credited Worthey with the plan behind the success of the game.

"She has done great things for this team and helped me coach," Juarez said. "She has been great. One of the big reasons for our improvement as a team is because of her."

The first half was a defensive battle with the Bruins shutting down the Bulldogs' top player and the Bulldogs' goalie stopping everything the Bruins sent her way.

In the second half it became a whole new ball game when Hanna Baron placed a hard shot just the goalie's left that broke through her grip and scored at the 49 minute mark.

The shot on goal was so hard that the goalie simply couldn't contain it and it squirted through her hands and into the net.

Five minutes later, Baron was back in the mix as she lofted a perfectly executed shot over the goalies head and into the back of the goal.

"World cup," Baron shouted when asked how it felt. "It felt really amazing, 'cause I wanted to win really bad. So I did everything I could so my team could win."

According to Juarez the Bulldogs' goalie is one of the hardest goalies to score on in the Far West League.

"She is a really hard goalie to score on," he said, "and to put two goals in on her was great."

The Bruins have outscored a number of opponents by more than 10 goals in a single game but according to Juarez this victory tops them all.

"Best game all year," he explained. "Hanna had some great looks and shots and we played really well as a team. Great defense. That is how soccer is supposed to be played."

The Bruins improve to 4-1 on the season and sit in an uncontested second place behind the undefeated Bulldogs of North Bend. The Bruins will have to wait until Wednesday before they face North Bend again, but first they'll have to get by Douglas on Monday.