Many of my astute readers may have noticed that my column is noticeably thinner. It shouldn't come as a surprise to those who follow my meanderings with any regularity that eventually I would want everything in my life to reflect the new me. So, I reduced the width of my column by 24 percent andndash; matching my weight loss.

In honor of my achievements, the Pilot has decided to reduce the width of the entire paper by one inch andndash; one inch does not come close to reflecting the size reduction in my waist, but the though is what counts, and there is no way you, the reader, could benefit from a paper that was 10 inches thinner.

Actually, the paper andndash; in keeping with current newspaper trends and to reduce our environmental impact andndash; has decided to go to a page that is just 23 inches wide.

With the change in width, there was also a complete redesign. And I think it is absolutely awesome.

Everything looks cleaner; lines are more clearly defined; and there is a sharpness about the paper, that andndash; while it wasn't lacking before andndash; is more modern, hip if you will.

I think the new width is even a little "old school." It's like when pro sports teams revert to old uniform styles andndash; umm, when they revert to the cool, old uniform styles.

I wouldn't want anyone to equate our redesign with the shorts that Larry Bird and the Celtics wore in the '80s.

But, if they equated the changes with the outstanding throwback uniforms of ... let's say Joe Namath and the New York Jets in 1968, that would be cool.

Bold and distinct.

Solid and beautiful.

New and old.

It will take some getting used to, not because it is bad, but because it is new.

Realize that, while it is new, the people creating the content are the same. We have the same reporters, photographers and editors putting out the same great, nandeacute;e award winning, content.

I'm going to keep writing a sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes serious column that will touch on all things important.

Just keep me away from Bird-era shorts.